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Three Main Effects Of Low Temperature On Diesel Engine Starting

Aug. 12, 2023

Guangxi DingboPower Guide: When the ambient temperature is too low (specifically, the ambient temperature is lower than - 10 ° C), three conditions need to be met to successfully start the diesel generator set: ① Fuel and air must form a certain amount of combustible mixture in the cylinder. ② The mixed gas in the cylinder shall reach the combustible point. ③ The ignition temperature shall be maintained for a long enough time. Now let's follow Guangxi Dingbo Power to see the impact of low temperature conditions on diesel engine starting mainly in the following aspects:

 diesel engine

1. The diesel engine is difficult to ignite, the ambient temperature is low, the temperature of cylinder liner, piston and other parts decreases, and the temperature of air entering the cylinder decreases, which makes the diesel engine compress at the end point during cold start, the pressure in the cylinder decreases, and the temperature cannot reach the diesel ignition temperature, causing difficulties in cold start.


2. The starting resistance increases. When the cold engine starts, the viscosity of the lubricating oil is large, the flow performance becomes poor, the lubrication between the crankshaft and the bearing shell and other friction parts is poor, and the friction resistance increases, which increases the starting resistance torque.


3. The capacity of storage battery will decrease with the decrease of ambient temperature. The research shows that at - 40 ° C, the viscosity of electrolyte increases 3-4 times compared with 0 ° C, the resistivity increases 7 times compared with normal temperature, and the capacity is only 1/5 of the original capacity. In addition, the charging capacity of the battery will also decrease with the temperature decreasing. Under normal conditions, the storage battery with 50% residual power can reach the rated capacity after 6h charging, while at - 10 ℃, the storage battery with the same discharge can only be charged to 60% of the rated capacity.


Cummins power generator set 320 KW

At present, under low temperature, the coil resistance in electrical components will decrease, and the number of ampere turns required for coil closing will increase greatly, which will cause the contact to bounce easily, reduce the mechanical life of electrical appliances, and lead to false alarm and misoperation, reducing the reliability of the entire system. The LCD screen of the control module is black at - 40 ℃, and the control system cannot work normally.


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