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The Treatment Process of The Volvo Generator Edge Overheating 2

Aug. 19, 2023

Continue the last article. Cause analysis and direct cause: Since the temperature measuring element is placed in the alternating magnetic field of the Volvo generator, an induced potential will be generated on the copper tube conductor when the motor is running, causing constant vibration of the elastic structure of the unit, and the threading copper tube is connected to the generator. The sealing plate of the seat is too close, and some copper pipes close to the seat have intermittent contact with the seat. The machine base is directly grounded. During the vibration process, the threaded copper tube with induced potential is partially overheated due to the discharge to the ground, and the temperature is transferred to the temperature measuring element inside the copper tube, causing damage to the edge of the temperature measuring element. grounding phenomenon.

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Cause analysis: The problem that the overheated copper tube is too close to the sealing plate of the Volvo generator was not discovered and dealt with in time in the process of equipment production, assembly and manufacturing supervision; Sufficient attention was paid to the failure to analyze, deal with and take corresponding preventive measures in a timely manner, resulting in the expansion of the accident.

Treatment measures: Check the temperature measuring components and record the faulty components. Determine the cause of the grounding of the temperature measuring element one by one, and find the ground fault point. Take out the faulty element wire from the outlet slot of the Volvo generator stator, connect the compensation wire of suitable length, and then re-thread it back. Bend the copper tube so that the distance between it and the machine base is greater than 15mm, use mica tape to wrap the edge of the copper tube (half-fold wrapping), and brush epoxy solvent-free glue while wrapping to ensure that no discharge to the ground is generated. Conformal material is inserted into the copper tube mouth to secure the component wires in the copper tube to prevent wear. After removing the upper wire rod of the slot where the #5 element wire with serious damage is located, conduct a thorough inspection and treatment.

Preventive measures: The manufacturer should strictly control the design and assembly process, improve the sense of responsibility of the supervisors, and resolutely prevent the hidden safety hazards in the manufacturing process. During the operation of the unit, closely monitor the temperature changes of Volvo generators, and strictly implement the "Guidelines for the Implementation of Twenty-Five Key Requirements for Preventing Major Accidents in Power Production" if problems are found. When downtime for maintenance, measure the direct resistance and edge resistance of all temperature measuring elements, and check the measuring points that can be checked to ensure the accuracy of temperature measurement.

Strengthen the inspection and maintenance of the edge overheat detection device to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. If an alarm occurs, samples should be collected in time and chromatographic analysis should be performed. If there is an overheating problem, shutdown should be arranged in time to prevent the accident from expanding.

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