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The Treatment Process of The Volvo Generator Edge Overheating 1

Aug. 19, 2023

For the analysis problem of the urgent need to deal with the overheating of the Volvo generator edge, it is necessary to know the measures to prevent the Volvo generator accident: when the Volvo generator edge overheat monitoring device overheats an alarm, samples should be taken immediately for chromatographic analysis, and if necessary, the machine should be shut down to eliminate defects. When the main edge of the Volvo generator is damaged, whether it is to replace or repair the equipment, it is ultimately required that the edge strength of the main edge must be higher than or equal to the original edge strength.

Volvo Power generator set

Accident process: During the operation, the overheating device of the Volvo generator edge has frequent alarms. In order to eliminate the possibility of device failure, two sets of edge overheating detection devices were replaced successively, and chromatographic analysis was performed on the sampling pipes of the device respectively. The results showed that there was edge overheating inside the Volvo generator. After running for a period of time, the temperature measurement point of the excitation core of the Volvo generator shows abnormality, the DCS temperature curve fluctuates greatly, the fluctuation range is irregular, and there is no sudden change in the temperature of the upper and lower layers and the adjacent wire rods. If it is damaged, take measures to continue to observe the operation of the Volvo generator. After a month and a half of operation, it was found that the current percentage of the Volvo generator edge overheating device dropped to 0. Immediately collect samples for chromatographic analysis. The results show that the solution is yellow and has many spectral peaks. Compared with the previous few times, it is found that the edge overheating has a larger development trend. It can be judged that the edge problem is on the stator, and then the shutdown inspection is arranged.

Inspection and analysis and treatment measures: disassembly inspection: After taking out the rotor, check the stator and find that there is obvious burning phenomenon at the R corner of the exit slot of the #5 wire rod of the Volvo generator. Check it carefully and compare it with the measuring point layout. The lead wire of the exciter core temperature measuring element passing between the rod layers is burned out. After removing the wire bar straps and spacers, measure the edge resistance of the temperature measuring elements, and find that 8 elements have a resistance to the ground of 0. Check the appearance of the steam part and find that the copper pipe of the layout component is overheated near the base. Through the visual inspection, it was found that the surface of the #5 slot bar was overheated, and the interlayer situation was unknown. Therefore, it was decided to remove the upper wire rod of the #5 slot, replace the temperature measuring element at the measuring point and check the edge condition of the wire rod.

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