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The Three Filters And Two Oils Of The Generator Need To Be Replaced Periodically

Jul. 26, 2023

Major maintenance of diesel generator set refers to routine maintenance and inspection items specified by the manufacturer to ensure performance and safety after accumulated operation for a certain time. It is a basic skill to master some general knowledge of major maintenance of diesel generator set. Learning some maintenance knowledge is beneficial. Recently, a customer asked what is the "three filters and two oils" for the major maintenance of the diesel generator set? "Three filters and two oils" are the consumables of diesel generator set. "Three filters" are respectively engine filter, air filter and diesel filter, which are used to filter impurities in engine oil, air and diesel respectively. "Two oils" are special lubricating oil for diesel generator set and lubricating grease for main motor (commonly known as butter). So what are their functions?


1、 Air filter element.

Commonly known as air filter element or air filter, it is a specialized high-efficiency filter that filters out small dust particles in the air. Its main function is to ensure that the entire internal system of the diesel generator set is clean, protect the rotor of the main engine, prevent the bearing from wearing, and extend the service life of the lubricating oil.


2、 Oil filter element.

Commonly known as oil separator and diesel generator set oil gas separator, it is made of multi-layer fine glass fiber, and the atomized oil gas mixture contained in the compressed air can be almost filtered out after passing through the separator.

diesel generator set


3、 Diesel filter.

Commonly known as oil filter element and oil filter device, the most important part of diesel generator set is a kind of wearing part. The oil filter can timely remove impurities from the engine oil, ensuring the normal operation of the machine.


4、 Lubricating oil.

The oil used by the diesel generator set becomes lubricating oil. During the operation of diesel generator set, friction will occur between various components. These frictions easily consume the power of the diesel generator set, and also generate a lot of heat, leading to various faults of the diesel generator set. At this point, lubricating oil is needed for lubrication


5、 Motor lubricating grease.

It is commonly known as butter. When the diesel generator set runs for 2000 hours or is stored for more than 6 months, lubricating grease must be added to the motor bearing to avoid shortening the service life of the motor. For motors used for long-term heavy loads, it is recommended to shorten the replacement cycle of bearing lubricating oil in order to protect the motor bearings and the unit. If the motor bearing is a closed type motor bearing, there is no need to add lubricating grease. However, the bearing needs to be replaced every 2000 hours.


The above is the "three filters and two oils" of the diesel generator set. The timely replacement and maintenance of these accessories is the guarantee for the long-term safe operation of the diesel generator set.


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