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The Surge Of Diesel Engine May Be Caused By The Uneven Speed Of Diesel Generator

Feb. 01, 2023

When the diesel generator can run, it means that the fuel has entered the cylinder and started to work, but the working condition is not very stable. There are knocking noises and black smoke. This is probably caused by the uneven speed of the diesel generator, which is characterized by large amplitude oscillation and clear and recognizable sound, which is generally called "gasp" or "traveling block". Some of the problems are that the speed fluctuates in a small range, the sound is not easy to distinguish, and it is easy to appear at low speed, which will cause the diesel engine to stop. Let's take a look at some common reasons for uneven speed of diesel generator with the editor of Jiangsu Starlight Power.


1. The fuel supply is uneven. When the diesel engine is running, the cylinders with more fuel supply work hard, there is a knocking noise and black smoke. The cylinder with little oil supply is weak or even does not work. Finally, the speed of diesel engine is uneven.


2. Individual cylinders do not work. If one cylinder of a multi-cylinder diesel engine does not work, its operation will not be smooth and the noise will not be uniform. Use the cylinder shutdown method to find out which cylinder is not on fire.


3. The diesel supply system contains air and water and the fuel transfer pump is not working properly.


4. If the fuel supply time is too early, it is easy to produce high-speed "traveling block", but stable at low speed.


5. The gear rod or shift fork rod of the fuel injection pump is not smooth, which causes the sensitivity of the governor to decrease.


diesel generator

6. The diesel engine speed is unstable due to untimely speed regulation. When the wear clearance at each connection in the governor increases, the moving parts such as steel ball or flying hammer are jammed, and the speed control spring fails, the governor must overcome the resistance or eliminate the clearance before moving the adjusting gear rod or shift fork rod to increase or decrease the oil supply. Due to the untimely speed regulation, the speed will fluctuate from high to low. For models such as 135 or 105 that use combined fuel injection pump, open the fuel injection pump side cover, and you can see that the adjusting rod moves repeatedly and regularly. If the diesel engine traveling block is slight, the pull rod can be seen to shake at this time.


7. The fuel injector is burnt or dripped.


8. The valve clearance is incorrect.


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