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The Structure of Camshaft Directly Affect The Diesel Engine Performance

Aug. 12, 2023

The valve drive of generator set is mainly camshaft and its driving device. Including trailing arm, push rod, rocker shaft, T-shaped pressing plate, etc. The valve drive can ensure that the inlet valve and exhaust valve can be opened and closed timely according to a certain valve timing, and that there is enough opening.

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The structure of camshaft is one of the key parts that directly affect the engine performance. In recent years, through the improvement of the camshaft, the performance of the diesel engine has been improved by a leap, forming two types of camshafts of the current 6BT series diesel engine, namely large camshaft and small camshaft. The journal of the large camshaft is 63.5mm, and the journal of the small camshaft is 5.8mm. Large camshafts are also divided into I, II, III, IV, V, VI and other types due to some structural changes of diesel engines. At present, the domestic type is I. Due to the short injection duration, high injection pressure and complete combustion of the large camshaft, it can improve the combustion economy, reduce the exhaust temperature and eliminate the bending deformation of the camshaft. Therefore, the 6BT series diesel engines produced in recent years have all adopted the large camshaft.

The 6BT series diesel engine camshaft used by the generator set is a fully supported structure with 7 journals. There are 18 cams on the camshaft, including 6 driving cams of fuel injector composed of several arcs, 12 peach shaped cams that control the opening and closing of intake and exhaust valves. The front end of the camshaft is equipped with timing gear, which is directly connected with the timing gear on the crankshaft, with a clearance of 0.10~0.40mm. There are two kinds of thrust devices for camshaft, one is thrust plate, and the axial driving is 0.03-0.13mm; The other is camshaft bearing support, with a clearance of 0.20~0.33mm.

The camshaft of the generator set has seven wheel shaft stiffeners in total. In the middle of each camshaft stiffener, there is an annular groove to connect with the engine oil on the cylinder wall. The engine oil enters from the oil passage to lubricate the camshaft stiffener. The inner diameter of camshaft bushing is the same, but there are two kinds of wall thickness; One is thin wall bushing with wall thickness of 1.59mm; The other is thick wall bushing (thick wall bushing is used on large camshaft models), with wall thickness of 2.38mm. Seven bushings and three specifications of camshaft (large camshaft model). There is a locating notch on the seventh bushing, which shall be installed downward and aligned with the oil hole on the cylinder block.

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