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The Silent Generator Set Should be Unloaded Before Stalling

Jul. 24, 2023

In the AC circuit of a silent generator set, a pure resistance circuit where the current and voltage in the load are in phase and can cancel each other out. The method of paralleling capacitors on the inductive load of a silent generator set can compensate for the reactive power of the inductive load by the reactive power of the capacitors, thereby reducing or even eliminating the original energy exchange between the inductive load of the silent generator set and the power source. Most of the loads in the power system are inductive, so the total current will lag the voltage by an angle, and the silent generator set's parallel capacitors will be connected in parallel with the load. The current of the capacitor will offset a portion of the inductance current, thereby reducing the total current and increasing the power factor.

Silent diesel generator

Insufficient cooling water in a silent generator set can reduce its cooling effect. Silent generator sets overheat due to ineffective cooling, and high oil temperatures in cooling water and oil can also cause diesel engines to overheat. At this time, the cylinder head, cylinder sleeve, piston components, and valves of the silent generator set are mainly subjected to high heat loads, and their mechanical properties such as strength and toughness sharply decrease, causing increased deformation of the parts, reducing the fit gap between the parts, accelerating the wear of the parts, and in severe cases, cracking and jamming of the parts may occur. Overheating of the silent generator set can also worsen the combustion process of the silent generator set, causing malfunctioning of the fuel injectors, poor atomization, and increased carbon deposition.

After the silent generator unit shuts down, the circulation of cooling system water stops, and the heat dissipation capacity sharply decreases. The heated parts lose cooling, which can easily cause overheating of cylinder heads, cylinder liners, cylinder blocks, and other components, resulting in cracks or excessive piston expansion and jamming inside the cylinder liner. On the other hand, if the silent generator unit is shut down without idle cooling, it will cause insufficient oil on the friction surface. When the diesel engine starts again, it will intensify wear due to poor lubrication. Therefore, before the silent generator unit shuts down, the load should be removed, and the speed should be gradually reduced and the unit should run at no load for a few minutes.

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