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The Service Life Of A Diesel Generator Depends On Its Maintenance Level

Dec. 31, 2021

Diesel generator set is currently the most reliable power supply equipment. It can be quickly started when you need it, and provides you with a stable and reliable power supply in a safe and timely manner. Generally speaking, the expected service life of diesel generator sets is 20-40 years However, in fact, the service life of diesel generator sets is affected by various factors, such as:


1. Excessive use of diesel generators.

If a diesel generator set runs 24/7 at maximum power, under such a long period of continuous high-power operation, the set will inevitably cause severe wear and tear. It will have a negative impact on the service life of the unit and shorten the service life of the unit.


2. Insufficient use of diesel generators.

Most of the standby diesel generator sets are in a long-term idle state due to the stable power supply of the mains after they are purchased. If the diesel generators are parked for several months between two uses, the moving parts will rub against each other when they are used again. Multi-friction, and these rapid temperature changes after starting at the same time are also a kind of damage to the generator. In addition, engine problems are usually indicated by performance changes. Therefore, infrequent use also makes it difficult for users to notice any problems that need to be fixed. In other words, if you hardly use it, you cannot tell whether the performance of the engine is different from normal. In this case, it is easy to reduce the service life of diesel generator sets.


diesel generator

3. The power of the diesel generator is not suitable.

Another form of misuse that shortens the life of a generator is improper power. If the size of the engine is not suitable for the work it is doing, it will lead to one of the two situations we just described. In other words, it is either overworked or underworked. Generators that are too small for this job have been straining as much as they can. This wears out its various components very quickly. Conversely, oversized generators that will never work at full capacity are usually blocked by carbon deposits. This phenomenon is called "wet accumulation".


Proper maintenance is the key to maximizing the service life of the generator.


1. The oil and fuel filter must be replaced regularly to keep the generator and its components running smoothly. Ignoring this maintenance can cause component failures and damage the entire system. Moreover, as mentioned earlier, the system needs to be run frequently to "exercise" its moving parts.


2. Diesel generators also need regular maintenance at least once a year. A professional inspection of the diesel generator set every year is the only way to determine whether there is a problem. If you notice a generator problem, it means that it has caused a certain degree of damage/wear. Finding and repairing these problems as early as possible through regular maintenance once a year can greatly extend the service life of diesel generator sets.


In summary, we know that the service life of a diesel generator mainly depends on your maintenance level. In addition to this, the user must ensure that your unit has the right power and is used frequently, and if it is not frequently used in time, it should be used regularly. Start the operation for a period of time to ensure the normal performance of the unit.


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