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The Role Of The Electronic Control Unit Of The Diesel Generator Set

Jul. 15, 2021

In the diesel generator electronically controlled high-pressure common rail fuel injection system, the establishment of fuel injection pressure has nothing to do with the fuel injection volume, and the fuel injection pressure has nothing to do with the speed and fuel injection volume of the diesel engine. High-voltage fuel (ie, "common rail" fuel) has always been the main source of high-pressure fuel. The electronic control unit (ECU) calculates the fuel injection quantity, fuel injection timing and fuel injection pressure, and calculates the fuel injection speed according to the stored characteristic curve and the diesel engine operating parameter information collected by the sensor, and then controls the fuel injection of each cylinder The process of opening and closing the fuel injection valve at a high speed.


The electronic control unit uses sensors to obtain the driver's requirements (accelerator pedal) and the real-time working status of the diesel engine and equipment. The signals generated by the sensors are input through the data line, and the signals for controlling and adjusting the diesel engine are processed. The engine speed is measured by the crankshaft speed sensor, and the camshaft phase sensor determines the ignition sequence and phase. The accelerator pedal sensor is a potentiometer, which conveys the driver's torque request to the ECU through a voltage signal. The atmospheric flow sensor tells ECU the real-time air mass flow of the diesel engine to match the basic fuel injection volume according to the requirements of emission regulations. On diesel engines with pressure regulating devices, pressure regulating pressure sensors are used to measure pressure regulating pressure. When the diesel engine is in a low temperature or cooling state, the ECU can determine the appropriate starting point of the injection oil, the amount of pre-injection oil and other parameters according to the signal values of the injection liquid temperature sensor and the injection air temperature sensor.


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1. Introduction to the basic functions of ECU. The basic function of ECU is: when the diesel engine is working normally, the fuel injection volume can be accurately controlled, and the fuel injection volume can be properly controlled, thus ensuring the smooth operation of the diesel engine, reducing fuel consumption, reducing exhaust emissions, and reducing operation noise.


ECU has other functions. Additional control and regulation ECUs are used to reduce exhaust emissions and fuel consumption, or to improve safety and reliability. For example, it is used to realize exhaust gas recovery (EGR), pressure regulation, control, electronic anti-theft lock, etc. The CAN bus system can exchange data with other electronic systems of the vehicle (such as ABS, transmission electronic control system). In the process of equipment maintenance, the diagnostic interface outputs the operating data and fault codes stored in the system.


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