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The Role Of Diesel Generator Combustion Chamber

Aug. 10, 2021

The combustion chamber is the key to the formation and combustion of the diesel generator mixture. The fuel supply system and the intake and exhaust systems must match the combustion chamber to achieve good performance indicators.


For diesel engines, the combustion chamber is the space where the fuel burns to produce high-temperature gas. That is, when the piston is at the top dead center, the space above the top surface of the piston and below the bottom of the cylinder head is called the combustion chamber.


On this basis, according to the form and structural characteristics of the combustion chamber of the diesel generator, it is divided into a direct injection combustion chamber and a separate combustion chamber, such as a pre-chamber type and a swirl chamber type combustion chamber.

diesel generator

The oil enters the combustion chamber through two ways: one is between the piston and the inner wall of the cylinder, and the other is between the valve and the duct. Generally speaking, oil is easy to enter the combustion chamber from the piston and the inner wall of the cylinder. This is mainly because there is a certain gap between the piston ring and the ring groove. When the piston ring moves up and down, the oil can be brought into the combustion chamber through the cylinder wall. When the piston ring is blocked by carbon deposits in the piston ring groove, the piston ring is broken, the piston ring is aging, or the cylinder wall is pulled, the oil is more likely to enter the combustion chamber, so that the diesel generator is likely to cause carbon in the surface of the combustion chamber component when it is working.  In this way, the hot gas will directly rush into the crankcase through the gap between the cylinder and the piston. This not only worsens the combustion inside the combustion chamber, but also causes the piston to get stuck on the cylinder wall in severe cases. For this reason, the carbon deposits in the combustion chamber must be removed.


In addition, it should be noted that when the load of the diesel generator increases, the fuel supply increases, resulting in an increase in the concentration of the mixture in the combustion chamber, dense diesel molecules, rapid flame propagation, and rapid combination of diesel molecules with oxygen molecules and faster combustion speed. The heat loss is small, and the power of the diesel generator is increased.


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