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The Role Of Adding Coolant To The Water Tank Of Diesel Generator Sets

Aug. 21, 2023

The water tank of the diesel generator set, also known as the radiator, is the main part of the cooling system of the diesel generator set, the water tank is an important part of the water-cooled engine. As an important component of the heat dissipation circuit of the water-cooled engine, it can absorb the heat of the cylinder block. Incorrect use of the main generator cooling system due to the scale in the water tank of the diesel generator set will bring serious consequences to the operation of the generator set. In order to ensure the heat dissipation performance of the cooling system, make the diesel engine work normally, and increase the use time, the dirt should be cleaned in time.


Some users directly add hard water instead of adding coolant or steam storage water. As a result, calcium and magnesium ions in the hard water and inorganic salts in the coolant form scale. Silica scale comes from silicates in inorganic coolants. Metal scale is mainly iron scale and solder scale. In some cases, the protective film formed by the reaction between the inorganic salts in the ordinary inorganic cooling fluid and the iron metal on the cylinder body is formed due to consumption and falling off, and the latter is a fluffy precipitate formed by a strong oxidizing inorganic salt corrosion inhibitor.


To prevent the high temperature of the engine due to the large specific heat capacity of water, the temperature rises not much after absorbing the heat of the cylinder block, so the heat of the engine passes through the liquid circuit of cooling water, uses water as a heat carrier to conduct heat, and then passes through a large area of radiating fins to reduce heat. The heat is dissipated by convection to maintain the proper working temperature of the engine.


Shangchai Power Generator Set

After the diesel engine is started, the temperature in the diesel generator rises immediately. If the cooling water is added at this time, the cylinder block and the cylinder head are suddenly cooled, and cracks will occur due to cold shrinkage. We all know that assuming that the engine is filled with tap water, it will bring scale, which will cause great damage to the engine, resulting in high engine temperature and even cylinder explosion.


The engine after the cylinder explosion is basically scrapped. Even if it can be repaired, it is difficult for the repaired engine to return to the original working condition. Don't let it suddenly get cold when shutting down, this is the root cause of the cylinder explosion of the unit.


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