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The Reasons for The Volvo Generating Set Injector Failure

Aug. 18, 2023

Today, we will briefly introduce to you what causes the fuel injector failure of the Volvo generator set.

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Poor atomization of the injector: When the injection pressure is too low, carbon accumulation occurs due to the wear of the nozzle hole, and the end face of the spring is worn or the elastic force is reduced, which leads to the advance opening of the injector and the delayed closing, resulting in the phenomenon of poor injection atomization. If the single-cylinder diesel engine cannot work, the power of the multi-cylinder diesel engine will be reduced, the exhaust smoke will turn black, and the sound of the machine will be abnormal. In addition, because the diesel droplets with too large particle size cannot be fully burned, they flow into the oil storage pan along the cylinder wall, which increases the oil surface, reduces the viscosity, deteriorates the lubrication, and may also lead to the accident of burning the walla cylinder. Solution: The injector should be disassembled, cleaned, overhauled and re-commissioned.

Damage to the return pipe of the injector: When the needle valve coupling is severely worn or the needle valve body is not closely matched with the injector housing, the fuel return volume of the injector increases significantly, and some can reach 0.1~0.3kg/h. If the oil return pipe is damaged or installed incorrectly, the return oil will be lost in vain, resulting in waste. Therefore, the return line must be completely sealed to flow smoothly into the tank. If the return line is connected to the diesel filter, the terminal should be equipped with a check valve to prevent the diesel in the filter from flowing into the injector.

Expansion of the needle valve nozzle: Due to the continuous injection and scouring of the high-pressure oil flow, the injection hole of the needle valve will gradually wear, resulting in a decrease in the fuel injection pressure, a shortened fuel injection distance, poor diesel atomization, and an increase in carbon deposits in the cylinder. Solution: The diameter of the single-hole shaft needle injector is generally greater than 1Mm, and a steel ball with a diameter of 4~5Mm can be placed at the end of the hole, and tap the hole with a hammer to make the local plastic deformation of the nozzle reduce the hole diameter. Due to the large number of holes and the small hole diameter, the punched samples made of high-speed steel can only hit the porous direct injector lightly at the hole end. If it still fails to meet the standard after debugging, the needle valve coupling should be replaced.

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