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The Reasons For The Increase In The Failure Rate Of Diesel Generators

Sep. 05, 2023

Diesel generator sets need to operate smoothly and efficiently in order to efficiently power essential equipment in industrial environments. However, diesel generator users should pay attention to some common problems encountered by industrial diesel generators to prevent diesel generator sets from malfunctioning and causing them to fail to operate normally.


1. Neglected maintenance.

One of the most common diesel generator problems is neglected maintenance. Think of a diesel engine on an industrial diesel generator as the same as an engine in a car. We all know that problems can arise if you don't check your diesel engine components for wear in addition to preventive maintenance.


Proper diesel engine maintenance is the key to running your generator efficiently. Establishing a maintenance schedule that aligns with manufacturer and dealer recommendations typically includes routine, semi-annual and annual diesel generator service. Typically, parts that require regular maintenance include: cooling system, fuel system, intake and exhaust, lubricating oil system, starting system, engine monitor, safety controls and control panels, automatic transfer switches, oil and fuel filter changes, water separator maintenance.


Part of a proper maintenance plan is annual load testing. It will eliminate wet buildup in diesel generators by burning unburned fuel, oil and carbon in the cylinder and exhaust system. It will also exercise and test the unit's fuel and cooling systems and evaporate moisture inside the generator and engine.


2. Improper power and load.

A common mistake is improper selection of industrial diesel generators. Businesses often want to purchase larger diesel generators than are required for their application as a way to expand to meet future demands. Unfortunately, running generators under light loads can cause serious damage and wasteful inefficiencies. You must use at least 35% of the load capacity whenever the diesel generator is running. Diesel engine dealers often have problems with customers saying they will be adding extra equipment in the near future. Unfortunately, if it doesn't happen fast enough, the diesel generator they just bought will run inefficiently and could be damaged.


A prominent problem caused by improper loading is wet stacking. This usually happens when the diesel generator is not running at a large enough load. As a result, the operating temperature of the engine is not high enough for the expansion joints in the exhaust system to seal properly. Too light a load will not fully burn the diesel fuel, allowing wet fuel to accumulate in the engine block. Together, these problems cause wet fuel to leak through the exhaust, leading to major problems, such as destructive fires.


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3. Fuel supply.

Often, operators do not provide enough fuel while they are operating. The obvious effect of running out of fuel is the generator shutting down because there's nothing to burn, but another less thought-provoking effect is drawing air into the fuel system. Also, running the generator irregularly can cause air to build up in the fuel system, which can shut down the diesel generator.


Businesses that do not implement a regular maintenance program and lack regular use tend to accumulate fuel in their tanks. Stagnant fuel causes water to condense, which in turn leads to accelerated microbial growth. This creates contamination and damaging sludge that can damage fuel filters, cause blockages and cause leaks.


In order to ensure that the diesel generator can operate normally when needed, the user must pay attention to regular maintenance of the unit and use clean diesel that meets the specifications. If the power of the diesel generator set is no longer suitable, then the user should upgrade the diesel generator set in time.


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