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The Reason Why The Silent Generator Sometimes Knocks

Feb. 27, 2023

When the quiet generator is running, you can clearly hear a crisp knocking sound of the piston hitting the cylinder block at the upper part of the cylinder, which is often called "knocking the cylinder". The root cause of this failure is that the injection advance angle of the silent generator is too small.

quiet generator

As we all know, the oil supply advance angle of the quiet generator is one of the main technical data of the silent generator. The correctness of the oil supply advance angle will directly affect whether the silent generator can work normally, and will directly affect whether the silent generator can provide normal power and affect the working condition of the whole machine.

In order to make the formation and combustion process of the mixture normal, the silent generator must have a certain injection advance angle. The injection advance angle is too small, and the air injected into the cylinder forms combustible gas combustion, which leads to combustion instability. In the upward stage of the piston, there will be lateral displacement and collision with the cylinder wall, and the cylinder block will be knocked to produce the sound of knocking.

When the low noise generator is running, a heavy and dull knocking sound can be heard at the lower part of the mute generator body, especially when the mute generator is working under high load, the sound becomes more prominent. This noise is caused by the abnormal friction between the crankshaft main bearing shell or the contact between the crankshaft main bearing and the main journal. The main reason is that the clearance between the crankshaft main journal and the main bearing shell or the crankshaft bearing is too large, resulting in the uneven wear between the main journal and the crankshaft main bearing or the main bearing shell, resulting in the abnormal friction and the heavy, dull knocking sound.

After hearing this sound, the mute generator should be stopped immediately, because if the mute generator continues to work without inspection and maintenance after the sound occurs, it is likely to "hold the tile" and "burn the shaft". In order to avoid such a serious accident, the work should be stopped immediately to check whether the main bearing bolts are loose. If not, the crankshaft and the main bearing or the main bearing should be removed immediately. The clearance value between them should be measured by professional personnel, and compared with the specified data. At the same time, the wear of the main shaft and the bearing should be checked, and repaired or replaced if necessary.

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