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The Reason for The High Pressure Oil Pipe Breakage of Generator Set

Aug. 19, 2022

Today, we will briefly introduce to you the problem of the rupture of the high-voltage oil pipe of the generator.

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The fracture of the high-pressure oil pipe is related to the quality of the high-pressure oil pipe and the assembly method of the high-pressure oil pipe. Especially when the high-pressure oil pipe is assembled, when the included angle is large, pressure concentration will be formed at the connection of the oil pipe, and the oil pipe will also be broken at the joint.

The fracture of the high pressure oil pipe is related to the poor oil discharge of the oil outlet valve. The sealing or oil discharge of the oil outlet valve is not good. The residual pressure of the high pressure oil pipe accumulates for a long time, resulting in high oil pipe pressure and fatigue damage or cracks in the high pressure oil pipe. In this way, replace the oil. The valve can solve this problem.

If the high-pressure oil pipe of the generator is broken, first check whether the injector is stuck. If the fuel injector is stuck during the operation of the engine, the plunger continues to inject oil. This phenomenon should be ruled out, disassembled and assembled. Once the injector is inspected, it will be known, and the problem will be solved by replacing the injector.

The fracture of the high-pressure oil pipe is also related to the vibration of the diesel engine. The two ends of the high-pressure oil pipe are fixed by nuts, and the oil pipe clamp in the middle only supports an iron fulcrum. The vibration of the Weifang diesel engine will cause the oil pipe to break, so it is useless to replace the high pressure oil pipe. Diesel engine vibration must be addressed before replacement.

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