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The Reason For The Abnormal Flameout Of The Cummins Generator

Apr. 25, 2022

The abnormal flameout of the Cummins generator will bring certain losses to the production work, and will also bring relative harm to the Cummins generator. Generally speaking, Cummins generators tend to fail before abnormal shutdown.


Something unusual. After careful observation, we can detect the fault of the Cummins generator as early as possible. Let's follow the editor of Dingbo Power to see the abnormal phenomenon before the Cummins generator turns off abnormally?


1. If the speed is unstable, turn off the engine gradually, check whether the diesel in the fuel tank is exhausted, or whether the ventilation hole of the fuel tank cap is blocked. Blocking this hole will cause a vacuum in the tank and a poor supply of diesel. In addition, the fuel system should also be checked for air or moisture. If the injection sound is not heard, air can enter the low pressure fuel system.


Check the oil pipes and joints for damage or leaks, and vent the air before starting. If the load is unstable after starting, the oil circuit may be blocked or the diesel oil may be fouled, and the water in the oil freezes to block the oil circuit in winter. If you can hear the sound of fuel injection, it may be a problem with the valve structure. Check whether the valve circlip and lock plate are falling off, whether the valve spring is broken, whether the valve push rod is normal, whether the valve adjusting bolt is loose, whether the valve and the guide tube are loose. Or whether the rocker arm and the rocker arm shaft are sintered and lose their function, and whether the valve and valve seat are ablated. If there is any problem in the above parts, it can be restarted after removing it, and it is necessary to pay attention to reduce the valve falling into the cylinder.


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2, the exhaust pipe emits black smoke.

When the Cummins generator is overloaded, its rotational speed will drop significantly. At this time, the excessive diesel fuel injected into the cylinder will emit black smoke because it is too late to fully burn, and it will automatically turn off when it is severe. At this time, if you can crank the crankshaft, you can restart the Cummins generator, but pay attention to reduce the load before putting it into use.


3. White smoke from the exhaust pipe.

If there is water in the diesel oil, the exhaust pipe will emit white smoke. Open the fuel tank drain faucet, drain the water, and then start. If there is still white smoke, the cylinder head gasket may be washed. Since the cooling water enters the combustion chamber, it is possible to check whether there is water in the oil, and replace the head gasket and oil if necessary. When the temperature is too low in winter, the diesel engine will also emit white smoke after starting. At this point, if you immediately increase the load, simply turn off the flame. When the rotation speed of the diesel generator is unstable, the exhaust pipe emits white smoke, and the exhaust pipe emits black smoke, it indicates that the generator set is faulty. Therefore, users should pay attention to observe the abnormal phenomena of the generator in the process of using the Cummins generator, find out some abnormal phenomena in time, repair the Cummins generator in time, and realize the normal operation of the Cummins generator.


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