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The Principle of Non-exhaust Smoke Treatment System of Generator Set

Aug. 15, 2023

The main function of the non-exhaust treatment system of the generator set is to discharge the smoke or odor that is harmful to the human body to a certain atmospheric height outdoors, and at the same time reduce the noise. Today, Dingbo Power Generation Equipment briefly shares the principle and characteristics of the non-exhaust treatment system of the generator set:

Yuchai Power Generator Set

The intelligent environmental protection non-exhaust system (generator set water dust removal device) comprehensively treats the exhaust gas discharged from the generator set, so that the harmful gas emitted by the exhaust gas is nearly 20 times lower than the Euro III emission standard, and more than 10 times lower than the Euro IV emission standard. The exhaust gas discharged from the generator set is treated and discharged by the water dedusting water tank, so that the exhaust gas temperature is reduced from 450 to 800 °C to below 100 °C.

The integrally arranged return-shaped box of the purification system and the generator set has a wind deflector protruding from the top of the two sides. The wind deflector can make the area of the flue gas passage smaller and the wind pressure higher. Because the water vapor contained in the spray condenses into larger water droplets, it flows back to the water tank at the bottom of the back-shaped box to reduce the water content in the exhaust gas. The inner side of the circular box body constitutes the exhaust passage of the cooling water tank, the lower end of the circular box body is connected with the exhaust pipe of the engine, the exhaust port is located in the circular box body, and the circulation device is connected to the spray device and the water tank located at the bottom of the box body. Between the return pipes, the emission of harmful smoke and dust is effectively reduced, air pollution is avoided, and low-altitude emissions are achieved.

Features of the generator set without exhaust smoke treatment system:

1. The exhaust emission of the generator set does not require a smoke exhaust pipe, and the traditional high-altitude centralized emission is changed to low-altitude scattered emission.

2. The smoke washing device and the generator set are combined into one, so that the space occupied by the set becomes smaller.

3. The emission values of CO, SO2, NOX and other harmful gases in the tail gas are far lower than the Euro III and Euro IV emission standards.

4. The use of double-membrane theoretical chemical spraying and recycling of chemical cleaning liquid saves water resources, reduces the cost of use, and does not cause secondary pollution.

5. Using Archimedes' law for exhaust emission, the negative pressure discharge makes the exhaust gas of the generator set not affect the power of the generator set under the condition of high purification, and does not increase the fuel consumption.

6. The exhaust temperature is reduced from 450°C to 800°C to below 90°C, which is more suitable for military applications.

7. Effectively reduce the noise of the unit, reduce the noise by 10 to 20 decibels, the black smoke control reaches the first-class standard of Ringelmann, and the construction quality conforms to the "Exhaust Gas Emission Standard" of Guangxi Province, which does not affect the original performance of the generator set.

According to the above content, Dingbo Power Generation Equipment warmly reminds users: all generator sets installed indoors must be discharged outdoors through a leak-free smoke exhaust pipe to ensure that the discharged smoke and exhaust gas do not harm the human body. The installation of the exhaust pipe should be standardized and standard. The most important thing to pay attention to is that the exhaust pipe will generate high temperature when working, so the majority of users should stay away from the exhaust pipe to prevent burns.

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