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The Oil Level Determines The Use Season Of The Diesel Generator Set

Aug. 18, 2023

Four Seasons Oil can be used when diesel generator sets are used in winter, as long as it is not in extremely cold areas. Generally, SAE 5W-40 in the SAE viscosity grade is four seasons oil, also known as long-term oil. As long as the ambient temperature in the area of use is higher than about minus 30 degrees Celsius, it can be used.


The vast majority of motor oils on the market today are all year round. Unless it's a particularly cold or persistently hot area, it's usually fine. This specificity also needs to be determined based on the local temperature. For example, the winter in the northeast and the weather in the south are definitely not the same attribute. Whether it can be used or not depends on the local temperature and whether it meets the oil level regulations of the diesel generator set. The data after the oil label SAE indicates the appropriate viscosity level.


The lower the data in front of W, the better the ultra-low temperature operation. The more data behind the W level line, the higher the viscosity of the oil, which is suitable for high temperature and long-term load on the car engine, resulting in high temperature living environment.


Cummins Power Generator Set

5W-40 is the SAE specification viscosity value for oil. 5W means that the oil can also be used at least minus 30 ℃, and 40 means that the kinematic viscosity standard at 100 ℃ is between 12.5 meters per second and 16.3 meters per second. The number in front of W means freezing point, 0W is -35℃. 5W is -30℃, 10W is -25℃, 15W is -20℃, 20W is -15℃, 25W is minus 10℃.


W stands for winter. The smaller the data in front of it, the better the ultra-low temperature fluidity of the oil, which means that the lower the available working temperature, the better the engine protection level during cold start. The number after W is an indicator of the high temperature resistance of the oil. The more the marked value, the better the protection characteristics of the oil at high temperature.


One thing to note here is that some oils suitable for winter use only ensure that the viscosity of the oil is suitable at ultra-low temperatures (good operation at ultra-low temperatures), and the grade cannot meet the needs of oil fluidity at high temperatures in summer. When choosing oil, try to choose other oil of this level or a higher level of your own diesel generator set.


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