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The Oil Leakage Fault Of The Silent Generator Supercharger

Jul. 09, 2021

When the turbocharger of the silent generator works, the speed is very high. Long-term operation of the turbine will cause wear and tear for the turbine needs oil lubrication, and using oil for a long period of time can cause the oil to burn when it enters the pressurized channel from the turbine. In this paper, Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd., a professional diesel generator manufacturer, will share you the diagnosis and maintenance methods of oil leakage faults of turbocharger of silent generators.

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Phenomenon 1: the oil consumption is large, the exhaust color is normal, and the power does not drop.


Failure cause: This condition is usually caused by an oil leak.


Solution: 1.At first, check the external oil pipe of the diesel lubrication system (including the inlet and return oil pipe of the supercharger) whether there is oil leakage; 2. Check whether there is oil in the exhaust gas outlet of the supercharger. If oil is present, it can be judged that the sealing ring at one end of the turbine is damaged and the sealing ring should be replaced.


Phenomenon 2: High oil consumption, exhaust emit blue smoke, but the power does not drop. Accident cause: The supercharger compressor side oil leakage is caused by the combustion of oil through the engine intake pipe into the combustion chamber.


The reasons are as follows: 1. The supercharger return pipe is not open, the oil accumulation in the middle of the turbocharger rotor is too much, make the rotor shaft accumulated too much, so that the rotor axial flow compressor impeller. 2. When one end of the pressurized impeller is close to the sealing ring or the oil throwing ring is damaged, the oil enters the impeller chamber from this way, and then enters the combustion chamber with the pressurized air through the intake pipe.


Solution: 1. Open the compressor outlet or diesel engine intake straight pipe (rubber hose), watch whether the port and pipe wall are stuck with oil. If so, it should be checked whether the supercharger return pipe is unblocked. If there is oil accumulation in the middle support, the return pipe should be dredged and rebuilt. 2. If  the oil return pipe is not smooth, it is due to the impeller one end of the seal ring or oil ring damage, and the supercharger should be disassembled for repair.


Phenomenon 3: High oil consumption, emission of blue or black smoke, and power decline.


Cause of failure: 1. The gap between the piston and the cylinder is too large, and the oil is burned to the combustion chamber. 2.The air in the process of being absorbed by the supercharger, the air flow encounters greater resistance (such as air filter block, inlet pipe is sucked deformation or flattened, etc.), the compressor inlet pressure is low, resulting in oil leakage into the compressor, and compressed air into the combustion chamber together.


Solution: 1.Check the inlet rubber pipe wall whether there is oil, whether there is flattening, so that the airflow is blocked or the filter block. If there is oil in the nozzle and wall, clean or replace the air filter.


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