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The Manifestations And Reasons Of The Incorrect Centerline Of Generators

Apr. 26, 2022

When installing the generator set, the connection between the generator and the internal combustion engine is not a simple connection, but has strict technical requirements. The most prominent performance is the alignment of the center line. That is: the crankshaft and generator shaft of an internal combustion engine must remain on the same centerline.


If the center lines of the two axes are not aligned, it will cause the body to vibrate violently during operation, and the instruments, oil pipes and water tanks will be easily damaged. The rubber hinge wears rapidly, and the wear of the crankshaft bearing and the generator bearing increases, and even a breakage accident occurs. Therefore, after the generator is assembled, its centerline must be checked and corrected.


1. The form of the center line is not correct.

The center line is not correct, mainly in two aspects: offset and staggered.


The so-called offset means that the center lines of the two axes are parallel to each other, but there is a certain distance in the up and down or left and right directions. The so-called staggered means that the centerlines of the two axes are not parallel to each other, but form a certain angle.


the generator

2. The reason of the center line is not correct.

The main reasons for the misalignment of the center line are: the base nut of the generator is not tightened, and there is an offset during operation. When the generator is disassembled and repaired, it is not installed correctly, or the center line is not carefully corrected after replacing the rubber hinge, etc.


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