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The Main Manifestation of Diesel Generator Set Turbocharger Failure

Aug. 28, 2023

Do you know the main aspects of diesel generator set turbocharger failure? The turbocharger of a diesel generator set is an important component of a turbocharged engine, which must maintain good working condition, especially the axial and radial clearances of the rotor must be maintained within the specified numerical range. Today, we will take everyone to learn the main manifestations of turbocharger faults and related precautions. The main manifestations of diesel generator set turbocharger failure are: firstly, the diesel generator set "eats oil"; Secondly, there is a scraping sound from the diesel generator set.

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The main reason for this phenomenon is severe wear on the rotor shaft and bearings, as well as damage to the sealing ring, resulting in oil consumption and noise. When the rotor shaft and bearings are severely worn, which affects the normal operation of the diesel generator set, components must be replaced. So how to avoid accidental wear and tear of the turbocharger of diesel generator sets? In addition to strictly following the operating procedures to use the equipment, the most important thing is to pay attention to the following two points. Firstly, after the diesel generator set has just started, it must idle for 3 to 5 minutes. After the oil has formed a cycle in the lubrication system of the diesel generator set and the oil pressure has risen to normal value, the speed can be increased and the load can be increased. The second is to idle for about 3 minutes before stopping, and wait for the speed of the diesel generator set and turbocharger to decrease before stopping.

It is strictly prohibited to suddenly turn off the engine after forcefully applying the throttle, as this operation will cause the oil pump to stop working while the turbocharger is still rotating at high speed, resulting in dry friction and increased wear and tear due to a lack of oil in the turbocharger. In severe cases, it may even cause damage to the turbine and the rotor shaft to break. If the turbocharger of a diesel generator set malfunctions, it will cause a decrease in speed and intake pressure, ultimately leading to insufficient power of the diesel generator set.

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