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The Main Contents Of The Design Of Diesel Generator Set Power House

Mar. 02, 2023

The design of the diesel generator set power house mainly includes the design of the underframe, the design of the room body, the maintenance platform and the maintenance door.


I. Underframe design.

Because the power house is installed on the saddle beam of RTG, and the saddle beam is at a certain height from the ground, when designing the base, the base installed on the generator set must have sufficient rigidity.


The base is generally divided into two types: base with oil tank and frame base. The oil tank with oil tank base is generally used as auxiliary oil tank, and it is required to meet the oil consumption of 4-8h. The frame base shall meet the installation rigidity requirements of the installation unit and its accessories, and it is also necessary to add oil sump on the bottom plate, cable through hole, etc. Some common frame underframes also need to add air inlets at appropriate positions to meet the problem of insufficient air intake on the box. In addition to its high rigidity, the rack also needs to be equipped with an oil sump. The interface is reserved at the bottom of the oil sump, which is centrally drained to the sewage sump at a distance from the ground through the pipeline and other sewage pipelines to facilitate the centralized drainage of oil.


The room is arranged on the suspended beam, and the leakage of oil, water and waste liquid must be prevented. The unit is equipped with an oil and water pan that can contain oil and cooling water. The lowest point of the oil and water pan is equipped with a drain valve. The pipeline or cable does not pass through the oil and water pan. There are four drain pipes under the power unit leading to a place 1.4m above the ground. These four pipes are the waste oil drain pipe of the diesel oil sump, the waste water drain pipe of the diesel engine water tank, the main oil tank drain pipe, and the waste oil and water drain pipe of the oil and water pan at the bottom of the frame. All drain valves are oil-resistant valves.


diesel generator set

II. The design of the house.

The underframe and the room body can be separated, and the room body is generally required to play the role of rainproof, noise reduction and salt fog resistance. The box is equipped with air inlet and air outlet to meet the requirements of air inlet and air exhaust of the generator set.

According to the different air inlet modes, the structure of the power house usually has two modes:


1. Top air inlet mode: installing rainproof air inlet box on the top is a common air inlet mode in the power house at present. When the unit is working, the air enters from the lower side of the air inlet hood, which has a good protective effect when used in particularly harsh environments. A dust screen is laid inside the air inlet of the hood to filter sand and prevent insects.

The air inlet adopts the air inlet mode of opening the air inlet on the side door: the air inlet is designed on the side door, the rust and insect prevention net is laid inside, and the waterproof cover is installed. Because the width design of the machine room is generally required to be compact, the air inlet mode of the side door of the room will limit the air inlet of the unit. As the main unit equipment, this kind of air inlet mode is rarely used. At present, the first air inlet method, namely, the top air inlet, is commonly used in power houses, which is not limited by the size of power houses.


2. Air outlet.

Because the air outlet of the power house is close to the main beam of the tire crane, in the case of direct exhaust, it will cause partial air backflow, which will affect the performance of the diesel generator set. The usual way is to increase the air guide cover to exhaust the hot air upwards. This will not affect the exhaust air, but also smoothly export the hot air upwards. It should be noted that drainage holes should be added at the lower part of the wind guide hood to prevent water accumulation.

Another way to exhaust air is to reserve space on both sides of the end of the unit room and add herringbone air guide grooves to allow hot air to be discharged to both sides. Louver shall be installed at the air outlet to prevent rainwater from entering the power room.


3. Maintenance platform.

The arrangement of platforms, walkways and ladders shall be convenient for maintenance personnel to carry tools and other equipment safely to the place where inspection, maintenance and replacement of parts are required. The arrangement shall have sufficient operating space.

The control panel and main switch of the diesel generator set are generally designed at the tail of the set (rear end of the generator). The operator stands on a fixed platform, and a grating plate is laid under it. This platform is connected with the ladder. The end of the case is equipped with a perspective window, which can observe the control instrument, and is convenient for the operator to observe and operate.


The machine room is installed on the saddle beam a few meters from the ground. The tire crane needs to be used every day, and the maintenance frequency is high. The unit should be inspected from around the machine room at ordinary times. Therefore, it is necessary to add platforms on both sides of the machine room to facilitate observation, operation and maintenance of the unit. The platforms on both sides of the machine room need to add grid protection devices and protective railings. The platforms on both sides are also called maintenance platforms. Due to the limitation of the internal working space (within the working area of the lifting appliance), the platform close to the crane inside needs to be retracted during the operation of the tire crane. In order to ensure the operation safety, a limit switch is generally installed on the inside platform to ensure that the generator set can be started for power generation only after the platform is retracted.


The outer platform of the tire crane and the walkways at both ends can generally be fixed. The fixed walkways and platforms are mostly paved with grating plates, which can facilitate the observation of the lower part of the machine room while ensuring safety. The grating plates are fixed in a removable way. The width of the platform is generally guaranteed to be one person passing through, and the clear space > 550mm is guaranteed. There are also some wharfs that require the outer platform to be retracted at the same time to form a movable platform.


4. Access door.

Since the unit is fixed on the saddle beam, the design principle of the power room door should follow: in case of damage to the unit, the generator, engine, radiator, etc. can be taken out from the side to repair each component without lifting the power room down. In practical application, the column of the door shall be made detachable, and the hinge of the door shall be made detachable to facilitate the overhaul and maintenance of the unit. Some projects also adopt the design of rolling shutter doors for fire protection, which is convenient for opening and closing, but also meets the need for convenient maintenance.


The roof of the power house shall be designed to meet the drainage gradient, and the roof and the four walls of the power house shall not leak.


In terms of noise reduction, because the tire crane is used outdoors, the user's requirements for noise are not high, which can meet 85dB (A). The usual noise reduction method is to lay flame-retardant sound absorption materials on the inner wall of the power house, and add some industrial muffler to the exhaust system, which can achieve effective noise reduction treatment, so that the engine noise does not exceed the relevant provisions of the national standard.


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