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The Main Content Of The Acceptance Of Diesel Generator Set

Oct. 26, 2021

In modern society, whether it is a factory, a construction site, or a living quarter, the use of diesel generators is indispensable. In order to ensure the safe, stable and normal use of the unit, strict and careful acceptance of diesel generator sets is an indispensable item. Important links, only after strict technical inspections, diesel generator sets can be put into normal use. Then the following generator manufacturer-Jiangsu Starlight Power will introduce to you what the inspection and acceptance of diesel generator sets mainly include.


I. Acceptance of installation quality of diesel generator set.

When installing a diesel generator set, consideration should be given to the load of the foundation, the location of the pedestrian passage and maintenance, the vibration of the unit, the ventilation and heat dissipation, the connection of the exhaust pipe, heat insulation, noise reduction, the size and location of the fuel tank, the main factors related to national and local construction, environmental protection regulations and standards. When the installation quality of the unit is checked and accepted, it shall be checked and accepted item by item in accordance with the installation of the unit and the requirements of the construction design of the engine room.


(1) Installation location: The machine room of the generator set should be near the power distribution room for wiring, use and maintenance. However, it is not advisable to be too close to the communication equipment room, so as to prevent the vibration, noise and pollution generated by the unit during operation from affecting the communication effect of the communication equipment.


(2) Requirements for the construction of the engine room and foundation: The construction of the engine room should fully consider the power of the diesel generator set and future expansion arrangements, and have a complete water supply and drainage system. The foundation construction should be firm and safe. The engine room should be equipped with ventilation and heat dissipation channels to ensure lighting, heat preservation and fire protection measures. The foundation requires good levelness and shock absorption capability.


(3) Fixing of the unit: The foot fixing bolts of the diesel generator unit should be poured on the concrete foundation, and the foot bolts should be buried flat and firm to facilitate the operation and maintenance of the unit. The arrangement of the equipment should be able to satisfy the operation, maintenance, lifting and handling of the unit. And try to reduce the length of the pipeline to avoid crossing the pipeline.


generator set

II. Acceptance of unit performance indicators.

The performance acceptance of a diesel engine includes appearance acceptance, complete machine acceptance, start-up and shutdown acceptance, and unit operation acceptance. Diesel generator sets must conduct a comprehensive and strict inspection of the technical performance of the generator sets to meet the following standards.


1. Appearance acceptance.

(1) The boundary size, installation size and connection size of the unit conform to the product drawings approved by the specified procedures.

(2) The welding of the unit should be firm without loosening.

(3) The unit should have a good grounding terminal.

(4) The content on the nameplate of the unit should be clear and complete.


2. Complete machine acceptance.

(1) Whether the main parameters of diesel engine and generator meet the rated index.

(2) Whether the diesel engine load regulator is equipped with reasonable and reliable action.

(3) Whether the emergency security device of diesel engine generator set is reasonable and reliable.

(4) Whether various protective devices are complete and complete.

(5) The exterior of the unit should be free of dust and corrosion.


3. Reliability acceptance of automatic start and automatic shutdown

(1) After receiving the start command of automatic control or remote control, the unit should be able to start automatically, and the output power after automatic start should reach more than 80%.


(2) After the unit fails to start automatically for 3 times, it should be able to send out a start failure signal. When there is a standby unit, the program start system should be able to automatically transmit the start command to the standby unit.


(3) The time from receiving the automatic start command to supplying power to the load should not exceed 3 minutes.


(4) After the unit is automatically started, the first load cannot be less than 50% of the nominal load.


(5) The unit should be able to stop automatically after receiving a shutdown command from automatic control or remote control. For the standby unit connected in parallel to the mains grid, when the grid returns to normal power supply, the unit should be able to automatically switch to the mains supply and stop automatically. The shutdown mode and shutdown delay time should meet the requirements of the technical indicators in the unit manual.


4. Unit operation acceptance.

(1) The unit operates normally, without abnormal sound, severe vibration, and over-temperature.


(2) The auxiliary equipment of the diesel generator set is reasonable and whether the operation meets the specified requirements.


(3) The lubrication equipment of the unit is complete, the oil quality meets the requirements, the oil pressure of the lubricating system of the unit is normal, and there is no oil leakage during operation.


(4) The cooling device is complete and reliable, there is no leakage during operation, and whether the drain temperature meets the requirements.


(5) The oil supply facilities are complete and reliable, and whether the oil quality, oil pressure, and oil consumption meet the specified requirements.


(6) Whether the various meters are complete, sensitive and reliable in operation, and the instructions are correct.


(7) The no-load voltage of the unit should be ±5% of the rated voltage, the output power should not be less than 80% of the rated power.


(8) The unit should be able to automatically recharge the starting battery during normal operation, the charging voltage should meet the requirements, and the regulator should work normally.


(9) The unit should be protected against phase loss, short circuit, overcurrent, overspeed, high water temperature and low oil pressure.


(10) The sinusoidal distortion rate of line voltage waveform should be less than 5% under no-load calibration voltage and calibration frequency.


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