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The Importance of Understanding the Structure of Diesel Generators

Sep. 06, 2023

Do you know that understanding the structure of diesel generators is the basis for fault diagnosis? To diagnose the faults of a diesel generator, it is necessary to first understand the fundamental structure and working principle of the diesel generator. When diagnosing the faults of the diesel generator, the key requirement is to know the basic equipment of the diesel generator, such as whether the fuel system of the diesel generator is electrically controlled or mechanical, whether it is a mechanical unit pump or a distribution pump, whether it is an electronically controlled high-pressure common rail or an electronic unit pump, etc.

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In addition, it is also necessary to know the commonly used technical parameters of the diesel generator, such as valve clearance, fuel supply lifting angle, circulating fuel supply volume, fuel injection pressure, etc., in order to diagnose the fault location based on the phenomenon and characteristics of the problem. When diesel generators exhibit faults, whether they are simple or complex, they will inevitably manifest in a certain form. By carefully identifying the symptoms and characteristics of the problem, it is not difficult to find the root cause of the problem, and then using corresponding methods to eliminate it. The fundamental idea of finding the cause and location of the problem is commonly used for a diesel generator to determine the specific location of the problem through methods such as "asking, looking, listening, touching, and smelling". By using modern testing equipment to diagnose faults, when diagnosing diesel generator faults, efforts should be made to use modern testing equipment to help improve the power and accuracy of fault diagnosis.

Some emergency measures include that when a diesel generator set malfunctions, some problems cannot be diagnosed immediately, and these problems may develop. To avoid a major accident, it is necessary to reduce the speed or shut down the diesel generator before further diagnosis. For example, if a diesel generator experiences a "runaway" condition, it must be immediately stopped by cutting off fuel, gas, or increasing load. This is because when the diesel generator is in a runaway state, the wear and tear of various components of the diesel generator increases, and the lifespan sharply decreases.

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