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The Impact Of Damage To The Cylinder Head Gasket Of Diesel Generator Sets

Aug. 19, 2023

Diesel generator cylinder head gasket is made of copper skin with asbestos sandwiched in the middle, which has certain elasticity and strength. It is very important to prevent air leakage, water leakage and oil leakage, and its thickness will also affect the compression ratio and working performance of the diesel engine.


In order to ensure the tightness of the cylinder head, a cylinder gasket will be installed between the joint surface of the cylinder head and the cylinder block, and the cylinder block water channel has a corresponding sealing ring on the cylinder gasket to ensure that the coolant does not leak. Therefore, when using and maintaining the diesel engine, attention should be paid to ensure that the cylinder gasket is in good condition, and the original thickness should be selected when replacing.


Water in the oil pan is most likely caused by damage to the cylinder head gasket. If the flatness error of the cylinder head or the cylinder block plane of the diesel engine exceeds the allowable range, the cylinder gasket will not be tightly sealed, and the coolant may leak into the oil pan. If the cylinder head bolts of the diesel engine are not tightened according to the regulations or the surface is not cleaned during the cleaning process, the cylinder gasket is not pressed tightly, and the coolant will leak at this time. It is difficult to accurately judge whether the cylinder head gasket is damaged. This inspection can only be carried out after the faults of the cylinder liner and the oil radiator have been discharged.


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In addition, the harm caused by the water inflow problem is not easy to show immediately, so it is easy to be neglected. Therefore, during normal operation, everyone should pay more attention to the state of the cylinder head gasket. In addition, the problem of water ingress may also be related to the perforation of sleeve removal, damage to the oil radiator, and damage to the cylinder head. Follow-up problems can be checked one by one.


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