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Generator Manufacturer Teaches You To Repair Diesel Generator Set

Jul. 09, 2021


Diesel generator set for a long time, it is inevitable that there will be a fault, users should learn a certain method of maintenance, can be quickly solved when the fault occurs, but it is worth noting that the analysis of diesel generator set fault, should minimize disassembly. Because blind disassembly of the unit, not only will prolong the troubleshooting time, but also may cause unnecessary damage or new failures. In this paper, Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. will introduce the correct maintenance method of diesel generator set to you.

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1.Comparative methods. In the analysis of unit faults, if there is doubt about a part, the part can be replaced with spare parts or with the same part replacement comparison method. According to the change of fault phenomenon, judge whether the component has a fault, or judge the location of the fault.


2. Partition method. In the process of fault analysis of diesel generator sets, it is often necessary to stop or cut off a certain part or a certain system to observe the change of fault phenomenon, or make the fault phenomenon more obvious, so as to judge the fault parts or components. When analyzing engine failure, the commonly used stop method is one of the partition method, that is, stop a cylinder of the multi-cylinder engine in turn to check or according to the change of the fault phenomenon, distinguish whether the fault is local or universal. For example, it is found that the exhaust intermittently emit black smoke, and the fault phenomenon disappears after stopping the work of a cylinder, indicating that the fault part is in the cylinder, and the cause of the cylinder fault should be further analyzed and found out. If there is no obvious change in the fault phenomenon after each cylinder is disconnected, it indicates that the fault is not the fault of individual cylinders, and the reason that affects the work of each cylinder should be found out. In the analysis of electrical equipment fault, sometimes can also use the partition method, a part of the circuit temporarily cut off, to reduce the fault range.


3. Variable speed method. If the internal combustion engine has a fault, the fault phenomenon may rise or fall at the moment, the fault phenomenon may change. When observing the fault phenomenon, the appropriate speed should be selected to make the fault phenomenon more prominent. Generally speaking, most use low speed operation, because the internal combustion engine speed is low, the fault phenomenon lasts a long time, easy to observe. For example, the valve mechanism of an internal combustion engine produces a "rattling" sound due to a large valve clearance. This method can be quickly eliminated.


4. Verification method. For some fault parts or components of the engine, take experimental disassembly, adjustment and other measures to observe the change of fault phenomenon, verify whether the conclusion of fault analysis is in line with the reality, or as a common method to make up for the lack of experience to determine the location of the fault. When several abnormal phenomena of different causes occur at the same time, or when the cause of the fault is related to improper adjustment, it is often difficult to distinguish the cause of the fault. In this case, the verification method can also achieve better results.


When analyzing and judging the faults of each part of the diesel generator system, a variety of specific measures can be taken according to their own characteristics. For example, in the fuel supply system of an internal combustion engine, or in the circuit parts of electrical equipment, the search can be carried out step by step, in order to isolate faults to the smallest possible extent. In the process of inspection, first of all, the parts and their corresponding parts that are most prone to failure should be checked, and then other parts should be checked.


In addition, after the fault location of diesel generator is determined, it should also be correctly and carefully eliminated completely according to the specific situation of the fault. After troubleshooting, it should enter the testing machine and check the working condition of the generator set to determine whether the fault of the diesel generator is completely eliminated.


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