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The Function Of The Electronic Control Unit Of The Diesel Generator Set

Mar. 08, 2022

In the electronically controlled high pressure common rail fuel injection system of the 300kw diesel generator set, the establishment of the fuel injection pressure is independent of the fuel injection quantity, and the fuel injection pressure does not depend on the speed and fuel injection quantity of the diesel engine. The high-pressure fuel accumulator (the "common rail") is always filled with high-pressure fuel. The fuel injection quantity, fuel injection timing and fuel injection pressure are calculated by the electronic control unit (ECU) according to its stored characteristic curve and the diesel engine operating condition information collected by the sensor, and then control the opening and closing of the high-speed solenoid valve of each cylinder injector. closed and realized.


The ECU of the diesel generator set obtains the operator's requirements (accelerator pedal position) and the real-time working status of the diesel engine and equipment by means of sensors. Process the signal generated by the sensor and input through the data wire to control and adjust the diesel engine. The crankshaft speed sensor measures the speed of the diesel engine, and the camshaft phase sensor determines the firing sequence and phase. The accelerator pedal sensor is a potentiometer that informs the ECU about the driver's torque request through a voltage signal. The air mass flow sensor informs the ECU of the real-time intake air mass flow of the diesel engine to match the corresponding basic fuel injection amount according to the requirements of emission regulations. On supercharged diesel engines with boost pressure regulation, the boost pressure sensor is used to determine the boost pressure. When the temperature is low and the diesel engine is in a cold state, the ECU can determine the appropriate fuel injection starting point, pre-injection fuel quantity and the rated values of other parameters according to the signal values of the coolant temperature sensor and the intake air temperature sensor.


1. The basic functions of the generator set ECU. The basic function of the ECU is to control the injection of fuel at the right moment with the precise amount and pressure, thereby ensuring the smooth running of the diesel engine and achieving low fuel consumption, exhaust emissions and running noise.


generator set

2. Additional functions of the generator set ECU. Additional control and regulation functions of the ECU are used to reduce exhaust emissions and fuel consumption, or to improve safety and comfort. For example, it is used to realize exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), boost pressure regulation, vehicle speed control and electronic anti-theft lock. The CAN bus system can exchange data with other electronic systems of the vehicle (eg ABS, transmission electronic control system). The diagnostic interface can output the operating data and fault codes stored in the system when the vehicle is overhauled.


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