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The Function of Cummins Diesel Generator Capacitance

Feb. 21, 2023

Today, let's briefly introduce the content about the role of the capacitance of Cummins diesel generator. What else do you need to know about this? Welcome to visit our Starlight website. Next, let's introduce relevant information to you.

Cummins diesel generator

The diesel Cummins diesel generator can be divided into synchronous and asynchronous Cummins diesel generators. When the load power factor is relatively low, the external circuit and capacitance can play the role of reactive compensation, improve the power factor, reduce the circuit current, and reduce the line loss. The asynchronous Cummins diesel generator can be understood as an ordinary asynchronous motor. There are only short circuit coils on the rotor, usually multiple aluminum bars, It is not necessary to excite the rotor by DC electric energy. It is necessary to connect the capacitor to the output line of the stator. The capacitor current generated by the capacitor charging and discharging function strengthens the residual magnetism of the rotor.

Therefore, the asynchronous Cummins diesel generator must have a capacitor to provide current for the rotor excitation to generate electric energy, and the capacity of the capacitor needs to increase or decrease with the load, so that the output voltage can be kept basically constant. In addition to reactive compensation capacitance, the synchronous Cummins diesel generator does not need additional capacitance to excite. Its rotor is embedded in the coil, which is excited by DC electric energy.

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