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The Function And Precautions Of Running In Of internal Combustion Engine

Apr. 21, 2022

The so-called cold running-in means that the internal combustion engine is driven by an electric motor or other power to drive the crankshaft on the test bench to achieve the purpose of running-in the crankshaft connecting rod mechanism, valve train and other dynamic matching parts.


Advantages: reduce engine wear and improve engine service life.


Cold running-in steps and precautions.

1. No fuel injectors or spark plugs.


2. Use thin oil. Because of the low viscosity of thin oil, it is easy to wash away the metal chips that have been ground down. And the friction surface cooling effect is better.


3. Drive the crankshaft with an electric motor with a transmission.


4. Pay attention to check the operation: see if there is any abnormal noise, cylinder pulling and air leakage. If it occurs, it should be stopped immediately for inspection, and the cold running-in can be carried out after the fault is eliminated.

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5. After the cold running-in is over, release the oil, add cleaning oil (usually cleaning oil is: 90% diesel mixed with 10% oil), run for about 5 minutes, and then release the mixed oil. Finally, remove the oil pan and oil filter for thorough cleaning, and carefully check the technical condition of each matching part, especially the running-in condition of the bearing.


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