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The Engine Is Called The Heart Of Diesel Generator

Oct. 13, 2021

When choosing a diesel generator for an independent power supply device, buyers tend to focus all on the main technical performance, while ignoring the most important engine. In the model you selected, how do you know whether the engine is of high quality or low quality? Because the stingy numbers in the characteristics hardly say anything. In order to avoid selection mistakes, Starlight  Power recommends that you better handle this issue in advance.


1. Device and working principle.

Independent power plants, like automobiles, are equipped with internal combustion engines. Fuel is burned to produce energy, which is converted into mechanical energy and drives a generator, which generates an electric shock. In different types of engines, the operation process proceeds in its own way. In this regard, there are the following situations.


Push-pull in this type of engine, the duty cycle is two strokes. That is, when a crankshaft cycle is performed in the first stroke, the fuel mixture is discharged and compressed in the cylinder. In the second stroke, the compressed mixture is ignited, thereby increasing the pressure and temperature. The expansion of the gas drives the piston, and then exhausts the exhaust gas for purging. The advantage of a two-stroke engine is compactness because there are no valves and camshaft systems. In order to work, a fuel mixture must be prepared from oil and gasoline in a strict ratio.


diesel engine

Four-stroke {1}——{2} The main work flow is {3}4{4}{5} strokes: first discharge the fuel mixture, then compress it (and raise the temperature), and then burn and expand (the air mixture is ignite and expand, push the piston), the fourth stroke is to discharge the exhaust gas discharged by the moving piston. {6} Unlike a two-stroke engine, in a four-stroke engine, there is no such complicated exhaust system, but cleaner exhaust is produced when the fuel is burned.


Because the two-stroke engine is very compact, it is installed in a gasoline generator with low power (maximum 1 kw), making the equipment small in size and light in weight. The more powerful device uses a four-stroke engine, and the operation is much simpler, there is no need to prepare an oil-fuel mixture in advance. In addition, it also provides quieter operation and more economical fuel consumption.


When choosing a generator, you may encounter such abbreviations in the engine name, such as OHV. In English overhead-valve, it refers to the top valve. This valve arrangement is characteristic of four-stroke engines. This helps reduce fuel and oil consumption. The ons mark (top position of the camshaft) is much less common. This new technology borrowed from the automotive industry is applied to Robben Subaru engines. This system has reduced parts wear, more economical fuel consumption and increased performance.


In addition to design differences, the type of fuel used must also be considered. Some generators are equipped with gasoline engines, while others are equipped with diesel engines. In this case, not only due to fuel prices, but also due to expected operating conditions, choices need to be made.


2. The difference between gasoline and diesel engines.

When a spark occurs in a gasoline engine, the internal combustion engine is driven by igniting the fuel-air mixture. In diesel ignition, it comes from compression, and the degree of compression can be between 14:1 and 24:1. During the working cycle, the fuel in the cylinder is almost completely burned to transfer energy for the movement of the piston. Compared with gasoline engines, diesel engines are less sensitive to knocking and are more economical in fuel consumption. But they also have a high cost, so generator or diesel engines are more expensive than gasoline analogs. These methods are appropriate if there is a need to provide 24-hour power to the building, or to power the technology during work shifts.


The high-power (above 10kw) diesel engine has a liquid cooling system to prevent overheating and avoid shutdown under high-intensity load. A fixed power station with this system can run continuously for several months.


If you don't use a generator frequently, such as when traveling in the country, in a villa or garage, or as a backup power source during occasional power outages, use a gasoline engine. One of its main advantages is that it is easy to start at sub-zero temperatures.


The running performance is also affected by the quality of the assembly and the engine parts used. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the engine manufacturers equipped with the power station.


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