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The Difference Between Camping Generators And Construction Site Generators

Jul. 27, 2023

In the generator set mall, camping portable generators that look similar are displayed on the same platform as on-site portable generators. Portable generators on construction sites are more popular among customers. What is the difference between camping generators and portable generators on construction sites, which are so similar in appearance but have vastly different prices? Many users often have this question when making purchases. In fact, camping generators can also be used for portable generators on the construction site. They are actually diesel generator sets. If you must say that there is anything different, it can only be considered as different power, some of which are 50KW and some of which are 100KW.


Although generators have many applications, they can also be damaged if applied improperly or misused. If the application guidelines are not strictly followed, common problems may arise. There are many kinds of generators, but diesel generator are most popular in large commercial environments, such as construction sites or shopping malls. In essence, the diesel generator works by combining the diesel internal combustion engine with the generator (or alternator).


portable generator

If camping, there may not be much space for a large generator. For basic tent camping, consider a truly small 1Kw to 2KW generator. These are usually small and light enough for one person to carry. They also don't require too much gasoline and can fit into the trunk of most cars. Although it may be limited by the purpose of the generator. These generators can power stereo, television, or similar electronic devices, as well as provide some lights and a fixed fan or small space heater.


The demand for construction sites varies greatly. One thing to consider when using generators for electric tools is that they require a high starting wattage (peak load). This will also depend on how many people are working simultaneously. Several tools that start simultaneously will require a high peak load. For some drill bits or similar tools, around 3KW is sufficient. Although most construction site generators tend to be 5KW or higher. If high-power tools such as angle grinders are used, higher power output will be essential. More importantly, if a table saw or air compressor is used. An air compressor can be started with any power of 3-6kw.


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