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The Design Of Diesel Generator Room Is Very Important

Oct. 21, 2022

In recent years, diesel generator sets are often used as emergency or standby power supply in various industries. The application in high-rise buildings is becoming more and more mature and standardized. With the improvement of national environmental protection laws and regulations, the rationality and safety of diesel generator room design is crucial. These design requirements are very clear to the professional manufacturers of diesel generator sets, but for users, they may only know one thing but not the other. Please follow Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. to understand this article.


1. The oil storage room of diesel generator room shall be equipped with air vent pipe and breather valve with flame arrester.


According to Clause 2 of Article 5.4.15 of Code for Fire Protection Design of Buildings GB500162014 (2018 Edition): "The oil tank in the oil storage room shall be sealed and shall be provided with a vent pipe leading to the outside. The vent pipe shall be provided with a breather valve with a flame arrester (must be noted in the design description of electrical or HVAC drawings)."


Therefore, the user's correct practice is to set according to the specification requirements, and the site selection should be as concealed as possible and not easy to be damaged.


diesel generator

2. The detector in diesel generator room shall be temperature detector.


The detector of generator room and oil storage room shall be selected according to the fire extinguishing form of the room. According to Article of Code for Fire Protection Design of Buildings (GB500162014, 2018 Edition), "When automatic sprinkler system is set in other parts of the building, the diesel generator room shall be set with automatic sprinkler system". Automatic sprinkler system is generally used for fire extinguishing in the generator room, and temperature detector is selected as the detector in the generator room.


The fire extinguishing form of oil storage room is generally dry powder automatic fire extinguishing system. Because the control mode of the system is generally divided into two types (temperature control and electric control). If the electric control is required to be controlled by the fire alarm linkage, then the oil storage room detector shall be a combination of temperature and smoke detectors, otherwise the temperature detector can be selected.


3. Selection of lighting fixtures for diesel generator room and oil storage room.


According to Code for Design of Electric Installations in Explosive Atmospheres (GB50058 2014), the self provided diesel generator sets currently use diesel with flash point greater than 60 ℃, so the daily oil tank room is classified as a non explosive hazardous area. Therefore, the oil storage room in the diesel generator room adopts the closed type (waterproof and dust-proof) ordinary lamps. The lamp switch in the oil storage room can be installed outside the oil storage room, and the closed type (waterproof and dust-proof) can be installed in the oil storage room. The distribution box should not be installed in the oil storage room, and the junction box should also be closed type (waterproof and dust-proof).


The above are some important key points to be noted in the design of the engine room and oil storage room when the diesel generator set is used in high-rise buildings. I hope they can help you. In addition to the machine room in the high-rise building, the reasonable design of the machine room should be paid attention to when using the diesel generator set in other environments to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the unit.


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