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The Correct Operation Process Of Diesel Generator Set

Aug. 05, 2021

Diesel generator set is a kind of power generation equipment with quick start, convenient operation and maintenance, low investment, and strong adaptability to the environment. It can be used as common power source, backup power source and emergency power source, etc. The correct operation process helps the diesel generator set to exert its good performance, and can also extend the life of the diesel generator set. Do you know the correct operation process of diesel generator sets?


Inspection before starting the diesel generator set:

1. Please strictly follow the requirements of the manual for the installation and use of the generator set.


2. Please check the lubricating oil level, coolant level and fuel oil quantity first.


3.Check whether the diesel engine oil supply, lubrication, cooling and other systems are leaking water or oil, the electrical wiring is free of potential damage and leakage, whether the electrical wiring such as the grounding wire is loosely connected, and whether the connection between the unit and the foundation is firm.


4. When the ambient temperature is below zero, a certain proportion of antifreeze must be added to the radiator (refer to the diesel engine documentation for specific requirements).


5. When the unit is started for the first time or restarted after a long period of inactivity, the air in the fuel system should be exhausted by the hand pump.


diesel engine

Diesel generator set operation process:


Diesel generator set start operation:

1.Turn on the electric switch, press the start button or start the electric lock, and press the button for 3-5 seconds. If the start is unsuccessful, you should wait for about 2 minutes before trying again. If the start is unsuccessful for three times. Stop the start, remove the battery voltage or oil circuit and other fault factors before starting. Starting at low speed with load is strictly prohibited.


2. The oil pressure should be observed when starting. If the oil pressure is not displayed or is very low, stop and check immediately.


Operation of diesel generator set in operation:

1. After the unit is started, check the parameters of the control box module or instrument: oil pressure, water temperature, voltage, frequency, etc.


2.In general, the speed of the generator set directly reaches 1500r/min after starting. For the generator set with idle speed requirement, the idling time of the brush generator is generally 3-5 minutes, and the idling time of the brushless generator is within 1 minute, and the idling time should not be too long. If you need to idle for a long time, you must unplug the AVR connector, and it is strictly prohibited to operate at low frequency (at least the frequency is greater than 49HZ) when loaded, otherwise the related components of the generator set may be burned.


3. Check the leakage of the oil, water and gas circuits of the unit, and see if there is any leakage of oil, water or gas.


4. Pay attention to the connections and sturdiness of the unit, whether there is looseness and severe vibration.


5. Observe whether the various protection and monitoring devices of the unit are normal.


6. When the speed reaches the rated speed and the parameters of no-load operation are stable, the switch is switched on to supply power to the load.


7. Check that the parameters of the control screen are within the allowable range, and check the vibration of the unit again, whether there are three leaks and whether there are other faults. Special personnel are required to be on duty when the unit is running, and overloading is strictly prohibited.


Emergency stop operation:

1.When abnormal operation of the generator set occurs, it must be shut down immediately.


2. During emergency shutdown, press the emergency stop button or quickly push the fuel injection pump shutdown control handle to the parking position.


Maintenance of diesel generator set:

1. The replacement time of the diesel filter element is about every 300 hours, the replacement time of the air filter element is about every 400 hours, the first replacement time of the oil filter element is 50 hours, and then about 250 hours.


2. The first oil replacement time is 50 hours, and the normal oil replacement time is about every 250 hours.


Note: The viscosity grade and quality grade must meet the requirements.


The above is the correct operation procedure of diesel generator set organized by Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. for you. We hope that users will strictly abide by the operation procedure to avoid unit failure due to improper operation. For more details, please contact us with sales@dieselgeneratortech.com

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