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The Coolant of Cummins Diesel Generator Must be Replaced

Jul. 26, 2023

The effectiveness of Cummins diesel generator coolant will decrease after a certain period of time. Therefore, Cummins diesel generator must replace the coolant. Before adding coolant to the cooling system of diesel generator, please ensure that the drain cap of diesel generator is closed and the drain plug is in the correct position.

Cummins generator

Do not add coolant to Cummins diesel generator system too soon to avoid bubble failure in diesel generator system. The air must be discharged through the vent or filling hole. If the heater is connected to the cooling system of the diesel generator, open the heater control valve and keep the unit ventilated during the injection process.

When the water tank of Cummins diesel generator is filled with coolant, the liquid level should reach 5cm below the welding surface of the filler plug. After filling coolant, start and preheat the diesel generator. At the same time, check the coolant level of the diesel generator, fill it if necessary, and add the same coolant as that contained in the original cooling system to the water tank.

In addition, pay attention to cleaning the outside of the radiator of Cummins diesel generator, remove the shield of the radiator of diesel generator, clean the radiator with clean water and neutral detergent, and clean it with a soft brush. In addition, be careful not to damage the radiator of the diesel generator or clean the radiator with a high-pressure gun.

Cummins diesel generator set can make diesel generator set generator have defensive function on the original basis. One way to use the enclosure can directly shut down the diesel generator set generator. In this process, it will actually leave air inlet and exhaust ports, which can achieve heat dissipation.

Reasonable design of air inlet and exhaust port can bring enough air flow during operation, effectively making Cummins diesel generator set emit more heat during combustion. If the proportion is obviously unbalanced, all operations of normal diesel generator set will be affected accordingly. It may also cause the power supply and water temperature of the diesel generator set to fail to meet the standard. Once the diesel generator set is in a high temperature state for a long time, it may have a corresponding impact on the life of the diesel generator set.

In fact, we can choose a special cotton way to achieve the sound absorption effect of Cummins diesel generator set. If there is a problem during the operation of Cummins diesel generator set, we can also choose manual way to stop the operation as soon as possible, which can reduce the occurrence of diesel generator set accidents. Cummins diesel generator set has good overall advantages, can bring better defense functions, and is not prone to accidents.

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