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The Common Failure Of Diesel Generator Governor

Jul. 09, 2021

The failure of governor of diesel generator can cause the unstable speed of diesel engine, stalling or flying accident. Therefore, it is of great importance to be careful and correct manage or maintain its governor and system. When the abnormal phenomenon in the process of changing the speed of the diesel generator exposes the failure of the governor, other factors should be checked to see if they are eliminated. If the governor of the generator set is still not working properly, the governor itself will fail. Mainly includes:

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(1) Diesel generator with traveling block or speed vibration

1. Traveling block: Rotating speed has rhythmic change, and stop the governor manually can eliminate the change of rotation speed , but it can also restore the rhythmic rotation speed change after letting go.

2. Speed vibration: the speed has a rhythmic change, the range is large, manually stop the governor can eliminate the change, let go of the speed will not immediately change, but will also occur after adjustment and load changes.


(2) Output shaft vibration of diesel generator governor (frequency modulation vibration)

1. Governor drive is not stable, such as drive shaft spline wear

2.Hammer elastic drive mechanism failure

3. The governor is not evenly fastened on the bracket.


(3)The diesel engine can not reach full speed and full load. The main reason is that the governor rod is stuck, and the output shaft of the governor is not matched properly with the scale of the fuel pump throttle (which will also Cause the startup to be too fast or unable to stop).


(4)When the diesel engine starts, the rack of the high pressure oil pump cannot be opened immediately.

1. The oil volume regulating rack of the high pressure oil pump is corroded or stuck.

2. The stop engine oil mechanism is not reset or damaged.

3. The internal parts of the governor are stuck or damaged.


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