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The Characteristics Of The Fuel System Of Diesel Generator Sets

Aug. 02, 2021

The fuel system is the heart of the diesel generator set. Before operating a diesel generator set, everyone must have a certain understanding of the fuel system of the diesel generator set. The fuel system must continuously supply fuel to the engine. Most fuel supply systems have a daily fuel tank and a backup (Oil storage) fuel tanks, and related piping systems, etc. In order to simplify the fuel supply system, the fuel tank is located as close as possible to the generator set room. If the local construction and fire protection regulations permit, the fuel tank can be installed next to the engine and its capacity should be increased as much as possible.


Common features of fuel systems include:

1.The pipeline connection from the fuel tank to the engine: the fuel supply pipeline leads the fuel from the fuel tank to the engine, and the return pipeline leads the fuel from the engine to the fuel tank.


2.Fuel tank vent pipe: The fuel tank has a vent pipe to prevent pressure or vacuum from accumulating during the filling and draining process of the fuel tank. When refilling the fuel tank, make sure that the metal-to-metal contact between the filler nozzle and the fuel tank is made to avoid sparks.


diesel engine

3.Overflow connection from the fuel tank to the drain pipe: This is necessary so that any overflow during the refilling of the fuel tank will not cause liquid to overflow onto the generator set.


4.Fuel pump: This transports fuel from the main fuel tank to the daily fuel tank. The fuel pump is usually operated electrically.


5.Fuel water separator/fuel filter: This separates water and foreign matter from the liquid fuel to protect other parts of the generator from corrosion and pollution.


6.Injector: This will atomize the liquid fuel and inject the required amount of fuel into the engine combustion chamber.


The above are common features of the fuel system. In addition, users should note that for small generator sets, the fuel tank is part of the generator sliding base, or installed on the top of the generator frame. For commercial applications, an external fuel tank may need to be installed, and all these facilities must be approved by the Urban Planning Department.


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