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The Adjustment Method Of Compressed Air For Diesel Generator Injection Timing

Aug. 31, 2021

If conditions permit, you can also use compressed air to check and adjust the front angle of the fuel injection. The specific method of adjustment is as follows:


1. Remove the compression sleeve of the oil outlet valve of the first cylinder of the fuel injection pump, and take out the oil valve valve and spring.


2. Connect the air intake pipe to the oil inlet of the fuel injection pump.


3. Put the throttle lever in the running position.


4. Turn on the air source and adjust the air pressure until you see uniform and stable small bubbles in the glass container.


diesel generator

5. The crankshaft of the diesel engine rotates along the direction of rotation of the diesel engine. Pay attention to the change of bubbles in the cylinder. When the bubble stops, immediately stop rotating. At this time, check whether the position of the indicator mark on the crankshaft flywheel or drive pulley is within the specified range. If the injection is correct, it means that the distance (or angle) between the top dead center and the top dead center should be the standard degree of the injection front angle.


6. If the result is correct, check repeatedly, and the result is still correct, indicating that there is no problem with the fuel injection front angle.


7. When the test results do not meet the requirements, corresponding adjustments are required:


According to the direction of rotation of the diesel engine, rotate the crankshaft of the diesel engine to the angle before the end of the compression stroke of the first cylinder (the angle before the standard injection of the diesel engine is shown one by one), loosen the fastening bolts of the fuel injection pump or the gear fixing bolts, rotate the fuel flowing out of the overflow pipe of the fuel injector clockwise or counterclockwise by hand.


8. Repeat the above steps two or more times to ensure that the fuel injection advance angle is completely correct.


9. Remove the relevant test device from the fuel injection pump, install the return valve and other components, and tighten the pressure seat of the fuel valve and related nuts according to the required torque.


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