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Ten Bad Operations That Affect The Start Of Diesel Generator Sets

Jul. 19, 2021

When the diesel generator fails to start, check the battery first, charge the battery, replenish electrolyte and other maintenance work, replace with a new starter battery if necessary, and check whether the fuse installed in the controller is fused. If it is fused, replace it with a new one. However, when some users use diesel generator sets, ten improper operations will often occur. Let's learn this article with the editor of Starlight.


1. Start without coolant or add boiling water: Adding coolant after the diesel generator is started will cause explosion or deformation of important parts such as the hot cylinder liner and cylinder head due to sudden cooling, adding 100℃ boiling water to the cold body will also It will cause explosion or deformation of important parts such as hot cylinder liner and cylinder head.


2. Fuel supply not in accordance with regulations: When the diesel generator is started, the decompression handle must not be placed in the working position, but the throttle handle should be placed in the fuel supply position before starting. The hazards of non-compliant operation are: Waste of fuel, excess diesel will wash the cylinder wall, worsening the lubrication between the piston, piston ring and cylinder liner, and aggravate wear. The remaining oil flowing into the oil pan will dilute the oil and reduce the lubrication effect, but incomplete combustion of diesel in the cylinder will form carbon deposits.


diesel generator

3. Pull the car to start: The oil viscosity is high when the diesel generator starts cold. In this case, pulling the car will increase the wear between the moving parts, thereby reducing the service life of the locomotive.


4. Bake the oil pan with an open flame, lead the fire into the gas pipe, and start the fire: In order to prevent fire, use a slow fire or coal fire to bake the oil pan of the diesel generator for a certain distance, while slowly rotating the crankshaft to heat the oil evenly. Lubricate all parts. For example, the ignition is started at the intake pipe of a diesel generator, and the ashes and hard objects produced by the combustion of the material are sucked into the cylinder, causing the intake and exhaust valves to be not closed tightly, thereby accelerating the wear of the cylinder.


5. Engine oil and fuel cannot be replaced in the near future: In the cold season, if low-viscosity oil and fuel are not replaced in time, diesel generators are difficult to start.


6. Add oil directly to the cylinder: Although adding oil to the cylinder can play a role of sealing, boosting, and increasing temperature, which facilitates the cooling and starting of the diesel generator, the oil cannot be completely burned, which will easily produce carbon deposits and weaken the elasticity of the piston ring, reduce the sealing performance of the cylinder. In addition, it will accelerate the wear of the cylinder liner, resulting in a decrease in the power of the diesel generator, making it more difficult to start, so it is not possible to directly add oil to the cylinder liner.


7. Long-term use of glow plugs and flame preheaters: The heating bodies of glow plugs and flame preheaters are electric heating wires. Long-term use will damage the battery and burn out the heating wires due to large power consumption and heat generation. Therefore, the continuous use time of the glow plug cannot exceed 1 min, and the continuous use time of the flame preheater should be controlled within 20s.


8. Long-term continuous start: the starter on the diesel generator has low operating voltage and large current, and long-term use will damage the battery. The continuous working time shall not exceed 10 seconds, and shall not start once, and shall start after 15 seconds.


9. High-speed operation at first start: When the diesel generator is first started, the sleeve temperature is low, the fluidity is poor, and the immediate high-speed operation can easily cause the lack of lubrication of the moving parts, and in severe cases, burning of bushes and shafts may occur.


10. Pour gasoline directly into the intake pipe: the ignition point of gasoline is lower than that of diesel, and it burns before diesel. Therefore, if gasoline is directly injected into the intake pipe, the diesel generator will work rough, causing serious cylinder knocking. In severe cases, the diesel generator may even reverse.


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