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Technical Requirements For Dingbo Power Diesel Generator Sets (2)

Aug. 18, 2023

In the last article, we explained the technical requirements of Dingbo Power's diesel generator sets from the basic requirements of diesel generators and the control and protection of diesel generator sets. This editor will continue to explain the technical requirements of the diesel generator set of Guangxi Dingbo Power Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. from the engine system, fuel system, lubricating oil system, starting system, cooling system and intake and exhaust system in the structure of the diesel generator set.


I. Engine system

1. All rotating parts of diesel generator sets should be protected by non-sparking protective devices, and aluminum shell protective devices are not allowed.


2. The whole machine should adopt steel structure base. Skid bases should be designed to meet various load conditions including testing, hoisting, transport, installation and operation. Deviation does not exceed 1/400 under any load condition.


3. Internal connecting pipelines and instrumentation lines should be equipped and installed, including flexible connecting pipelines and devices from the fuel pump to the engine.


II. Fuel system

1. The daily fuel tank capacity is calculated according to the full load of 8h, and can be manually filled with oil.


2. The daily oil tank should be equipped with on-site liquid level display and high and low liquid level switch. The output signal of the high and low liquid level switch should cooperate with the gear oil pump and its motor control circuit provided by the buyer to realize automatic oil filling.


3. The daily fuel tank shall at least be provided with oil discharge and sewage outlet, air vent, oil inlet, oil outlet, oil return port and overflow port, and all interfaces shall be set at the edge of the skid for easy connection and installation.


4. Provide the elastic ferrule between the daily fuel tank and the supporting fuel pipeline of the unit, and the pipeline between the generator.


dieselelectric 6.jpg

III. Lubricating oil system

1. The gear oil pump linked by the crankshaft supplies oil to the main bearing, crankpin, piston, piston pin, speed regulating gear, cam bearing and valve rocker mechanism under a certain pressure.


2. The engine should have a suitable lubricating oil cooler.


3. The lubricating oil filter should be bypassed for easy maintenance.


4. The lubricating oil tank should be equipped with refueling holes, exhaust holes, discharge holes and oil gauges.


5. A pre-lubricating oil device should be set up. The pre-lubricating oil pump is of electric drive and continuous operation type, and should be interlocked with the start-up control system to ensure sufficient lubrication at the beginning of the start-up.


6. A filter screen should be set before the lubricating oil pump, and the manufacturer should provide the composition of the lubricating oil for the buyer's reference when purchasing substitutes.


IV. Start the system

1. The generator should be able to automatically start and send electricity within 30s after the mains power is cut off. The engine should be equipped with a starting system, which should be able to start 6 times, with a starting time of 6 seconds for each time and an interval of 6 seconds. Each generator set shall be provided with a set of starting system.


2. The engine should be equipped with an automatic starting device, and the success rate of starting should not be less than 99%. And when running without load for a preset time, the engine should stop automatically. At the same time, the startup system should meet the manual startup requirements.


V. Cooling system

1. The engine should be equipped with a closed cooling system with sufficient capacity. The air temperature rise through the radiator should be 15°C or less, but should not exceed 18°C under full load conditions.


2. The air guide tube of the unit is connected by flange.


3. Anti-corrosion measures need to be considered.


VI. Intake system

A high efficiency air filtration system should be provided according to the environmental conditions of operation.


VII. Exhaust system

1. All heated surfaces of the exhaust system of the unit should have thermal protection or other shielding measures.


2. Stainless steel elastic connections and mating flanges should be installed under the flame arrester and muffler.


3. An elastic exhaust expansion joint should be installed at the exhaust outlet. Manufacturers should declare in the bidding documents whether the exhaust temperature and emission indicators meet the national standards.


4. The manufacturer provides facilities between the muffler and the exhaust outlet on the skid.


The above is the entire content of the technical requirements for diesel generator sets of Guangxi Dingbo Power Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


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