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Technical Requirements For Diesel Generator Sets (1)

Aug. 18, 2023

Diesel generator set is mainly composed of three parts: diesel engine, generator and control system. Diesel engine and generator set are connected by flexible connection or rigid connection. Among the diesel generator sets currently available on the market, rigidly connected diesel generator sets account for a large proportion. In this article, Guangxi Dingbo Power Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will explain to you the technical requirements of general diesel generator sets from the basic requirements of diesel generators and the control and protection of diesel generator sets.


First, the basic requirements of diesel generator sets.

1. The alternator should be a synchronous AC motor with brushless excitation.


2. The insulation of the alternator should be Class F insulation and Class B temperature rise. Within the allowable temperature rise limit, it can run for 1h at 110% rated load with a cycle of 12h.


3. The alternator should be able to withstand overspeed operation 20% higher than the synchronous value.


4. The protection level of the junction box at the outlet of the generator set should be IP42, and the signs on the outlet side of the junction box should be L1, L2, L3, N, and the phase sequence should be marked with a color code.


5. The unit should be equipped with a 220V single-phase anti-condensation heater, which should be put into operation when the equipment is shut down, and the heater should be connected to a separate junction box.


6. The battery equipped with the unit should be equipped with a metal shell, the protection level is IP30, and the incoming line isolation switch should be set in the battery box. It is required to use a valve-regulated lead-acid battery, which can be float-charged through the external power supply AC220V.


7. The total harmonic content of the output voltage waveform should not exceed 4%, the deviation coefficient should not exceed 10%, and the radio interference factor (TIF) should not exceed 50.


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8. The comprehensive efficiency of generator set, exciter and governor should not be lower than 94% under rated load and 0.8 power factor.


9. Under steady-state conditions, the voltage regulation should be within 0.5% of the rated voltage, and the voltage fluctuation should not exceed 20% and should be restored to 5% within 1 second when the full load is suddenly loaded and unloaded.


10. The diesel generator set has its own control cabinet.


11. The diesel generator is equipped with an independently installed fuel tank. The fuel tank reserve is considered based on the 8-hour fuel consumption of the diesel generator. The size of the oil storage room is 2 meters X 2.4 meters. The installation of the fuel tank and the installation of the fuel line from the fuel tank to the diesel generator shall be included.


Second, control and protection of diesel generator sets.

1. In case of minor failure of the unit (such as high cooling water temperature, high oil temperature, low oil pressure, overload, 3 start failures, low starting battery capacity, etc.), an audible and visual alarm is issued, and manual parking is allowed.


2. When a serious failure of the unit occurs (such as too high cooling water temperature, too high oil temperature, too low oil pressure, overspeed, too low or too high voltage, etc.), and the engine is in a predetermined dangerous stage, it should stop immediately, and make a sound, Light alarm signal.


3. The low oil level switch in the daily fuel tank will send an alarm signal when the content of the fuel tank drops to 20% and 50%, if conditions permit, it can realize automatic oil filling.


4. When the generator is over-current, the power supply bus is short-circuited, the phase is broken, the voltage is too high, and the voltage is lost, it will automatically trip immediately, and an audible and visual alarm will be issued. Equipped with electronic speed control device and overspeed trip structure, when the overspeed is 15%, the fuel will be cut off.


5. The diesel generator set should have the function of fault self-diagnosis.


6. If the unit has parallel requirements, the control panel should have automatic parallel function. And the parallel unit is equipped with reverse power protection.


6. Speed adjustment: under various load conditions, there should be a device for manually adjusting the speed, and the adjustment range is ±5%.


7. All sound and light alarm signals and release switches should be connected to the control panel, and the display signals include: unit speed, oil pressure, water temperature, DC voltage, working hours, generator line voltage, phase voltage, phase current, phase, frequency, power factor, active power, reactive power, apparent power, electrical degree, load rate.


8. Remote control: emergency stop, remote start/stop group.


9. Remote signaling: working mode (automatic/manual), emergency stop, overvoltage, undervoltage, single-phase and three-phase overcurrent, low oil pressure, high water temperature, high/low frequency (speed), start failure, start battery Low voltage, low oil level alarm, mains interruption, unit work, unit failure, charging rectifier failure, etc.


10. Telemetry: three-phase voltage, three-phase current, output power, output frequency (speed), water temperature, oil pressure, starting battery voltage.


11. Short-circuit withstand capability: The generator set should be able to withstand the short-circuit current of 3s when the output terminal is short-circuited without damage.


The above are the basic requirements of diesel generators and the technical requirements for the control and protection of diesel generator sets that Guangxi Dingbo Power Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has sorted out for you, hoping to help you.


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