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Technical Requirements For Commutators And Pulleys Of Diesel Generators

Aug. 19, 2023

Diesel generator commutators and slip rings are both used to maintain circuit continuity between stationary and rotating parts. The most important difference between them is that commutators can convert AC to DC (or DC to AC) whereas slip rings cannot. A commutator converts DC to AC, and DC motors run on DC, but if you check the voltage or current waveform of a particular winding, it's AC in nature.


Technical requirements for commutator and pulley:

1. The surface of the commutator and pulley should be smooth.


2. The mica insulation between the commutator chips should be 0.8~1.2mm lower than the outer circle of the commutator.


Yuchai Diesel generator Set

3. The radial runout and overhaul standards of the commutator and slip ring should meet the requirements of the following table.


4. The thickness of the commutator and the slip ring after overhaul and turning shall not be less than half of the original standard thickness, otherwise it should be replaced, and the slip ring is allowed to be inserted.


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