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Technical Exchange On Combined Low Noise Shelter Power Station

Dec. 13, 2022

Jiangsu Starlight Power Guide: The low-noise shelter power station is aimed at the problems of vibration and noise pollution of diesel generator sets at present. It uses vibration reduction, sound insulation, sound absorption, noise elimination and other technical means to limit the transmission of vibration and noise, and achieves the effect of reducing noise on the premise of ensuring the rated power output of the unit. The combined shelter is a removable structure. Due to the limitation of road transportation conditions, the shelter with large structure size can be disassembled into a small shelter that meets the transportation requirements, and then assembled into a whole after arriving at the use site.


The noise principle is:


(1) Damping function.

The diesel engine and the generator are aligned and connected through the flywheel housing and the connecting sleeve, and the connection between the flywheel plate of the diesel engine and the generator is bolted to transmit power. Because the flywheel housing of the diesel engine and the connecting sleeve of the generator have sufficient rigidity and strength, the concentricity accuracy of its fixing and rabbet and shaft is very high, which can ensure the concentricity and overall stiffness of the connection between the diesel engine and the generator. Minimize the torsional vibration on the main shaft when the unit is running.


the generator

(2) Sound absorption and noise elimination functions.

The walls and top plates around the power shelter are paved with efficient gold absorbing materials. The inner layer is made of galvanized punched steel plates. The combination of punched steel plates and efficient sound absorbing materials is like countless sound pistons. When the noise passes through the small hole of punched steel plate and impacts the sound absorbing material, just like pushing the piston, the sound wave causes the vibration of air and fine fibers in the holes of the sound absorbing material. Because of friction and viscous resistance, part of the noise energy is turned into the kinetic energy of the sound piston, which is consumed, thus reducing the outward propagation of part of the noise.


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