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Technical Characteristics Of High Pressure Common Rail System

Nov. 25, 2021

The working principle of the injector of the high pressure common rail system of the 100KW diesel generator set: The injector of the Cummins diesel generator set controls the injection by the fuel pressure in the control room. By controlling the fuel leakage in the control room, the fuel pressure in the control room can be controlled, which varies with the type of fuel injector. The high-speed solenoid valve of the common rail injector can pulse up to 5 times in one injection, which requires a faster response speed and higher requirements for electronic control.


The common rail rail pressure is relatively high (generally 150~180 MPa), and the welding and riveting process requirements are high. Once oil leakage occurs, the safety of personnel may be endangered. Tracks and high-pressure oil pipes are always in a high-pressure environment, and the requirements for sealing materials and metal materials are higher.


Cummins diesel generator set 100KW is more sensitive to fuel quality. Common rail system high pressure fuel pump and fuel injector have complicated structure and high precision requirements. There are many kinds of control solenoid valves. The high pressure solenoid valve opens and closes on the high pressure oil pipeline. High pressure, small injector aperture. The high-pressure oil pipe is long, the common rail structure has weak fatigue resistance, poor adaptability to fuel (water, ash impurities and gas), and high conditions for users to use and maintain. It is necessary to accurately ensure the quality of fuel and prevent water ingress during maintenance.


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Once there is a problem with the high-pressure pump and common rail pipe, the entire system is in a paralyzed state. The maintenance cost is high, the main parts are completely dependent on foreign monopoly imports, and the spare parts guarantee ability is very poor, the common rail system is also the most expensive among the electronically controlled fuel supply systems.


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