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Technical Advantages of EFI Diesel Generating Sets

Apr. 22, 2022

The fuel system of diesel generator sets adopts the fuel supply method of EFI. The advantages of this fuel supply method are also very different from those of mechanical and electronic speed regulation. Its advantages are also obvious. Below, we will analyze the advantages of EFI. The electronic injection technology of diesel generator sets is the electronic injection supply technology of the fuel system of the internal combustion engine, which greatly controls the serious pollution of the engine exhaust emissions to the environment.

Yuchai Power Generator Set

Due to the particularity of the fuel supply system for diesel generator sets, that is, when fuel is supplied to the cylinder, high-pressure (10-120MPa) injection is used, and it is technically difficult to change the original fuel supply method compared with gasoline engines. In fact, the pollution of diesel engines is sometimes more serious than that of gasoline engines, especially exhaust smoke, carbon oxides, etc.

Diesel generator sets require that only with stable running speed and good dynamic performance, the diesel engine can output high-quality electric energy, and at the same time, with the automation of speed adjustment, can the automation and intelligence of the backup (main) power supply be realized. Therefore, some diesel engines supporting diesel generator sets have realized electronic speed regulation in recent years, but the control measures for environmental pollution have done nothing.

Diesel engines for power generation are variants of diesel engines for vehicles, ships and construction machinery, so the development of electronic control technology is bound to be affected by the main products. In the late 20th century, due to the increasingly stringent regulations on the emission of pollutants from diesel vehicles like gasoline vehicles, and the requirements for improving the economy of diesel engines are also further increased, so on the basis of the rapid development of gasoline electromechanical control technology, some developed countries have begun to Control technology - electronic injection has been developed and researched, and has been put into use initially. Electronic injection technology and electronic speed regulation technology not only have the same points (that is, control the fuel injection amount of diesel engine), but also have fundamental differences, that is, electronic injection also has the ability to control the injection timing and injection pressure with electrical signals, which completely eliminates the need for fuel injection in the fuel system. mechanical structure.

Control of fuel injection time: The fuel injection time from start to end is fully electronically controlled, which is different from the general electronic governor. The actuator of the general electronic governor is to pull (rotate) the plunger uniformly, and it is impossible to individually The cylinder is controlled independently, while the plunger of the injector of the electronic injection system is controlled separately by the solenoid valve, and the movement of the plunger has nothing to do with the running speed of the diesel engine or the duration of the crankshaft position sensor signal.

Control of injection pressure: The acidification and enhancement piston of the injector can generate multiplied hydraulic force to push the plunger. Even if the input high pressure oil pressure is unstable, the injection pressure can still be maintained within 3000 to 21000Psi. Such hydraulic pressure is also suitable for high pressure. RPM diesel engine.

The EFI diesel generator has changed the control scope of the original diesel generator set, and it is the beginning of the diesel generator set to move towards a green generator set, because in the development of modern society today, people have paid attention to the impact of the environment on the sustainable development of society and economy. The pollution control of vehicles, especially gasoline-engine vehicles, has been paid great attention, and the necessity of electronic injection to control the engine has been emphasized, and thus mandatory popularization has been adopted. It is believed that in the near future, the popularization of diesel EFI technology will not be far away, and the general application of EFI diesel generator sets will also attract extensive attention.

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