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Suggestions for High Pressure of Cummins Diesel Generator Oil

Jun. 29, 2021

Today we will give you a brief introduction about how to deal with the problem of excessive oil pressure in Cummins diesel generators. If you want to know more about that, welcome to consult our Starlight website. And then we will introduce relate content to you.

Cummins diesel generator engine's smooth system is known from the principle of pressure generated by the oil pump. The smooth engine oil can generate pressure mainly because the oil has resistance in the oil pressure section of the system. The pressure is related to the resistance of the oil in the system. The oil pressure will be high when the movement resistance of the oil in the system is large, and the oil pressure will be low when the movement resistance of the oil in the system is small. In addition, the oil pressure flashing equipment is abnormal and the flashing oil pressure value is inaccurate (that is, the flashing oil pressure is too high), making it mistaken for the oil pressure of the smooth system to be too high.

The common reasons of engine oil movement resistance increased are: 

Engine oil viscosity is too large:The size of the oil viscosity indicates the size of the internal friction resistance when the oil is moving. The size of the oil viscosity is related to the engine temperature. When the engine temperature is low, the oil viscosity is high; on the contrary, the oil viscosity is small. When the oil viscosity is high, the mobility is poor but the sealing performance is good, and the leakage is small. Assuming that the oil viscosity exceeds the regular value, the resistance of the oil in the smooth system will increase, and the pressure will increase. It can be seen that the oil pressure will be high when the engine temperature is low or the oil viscosity is high (due to the improper selection of the oil trademark, that is, the oil trademark is not suitable for the ambient temperature, such as the high viscosity oil in the summer).

 Cummins generator

The space of the pressure smooth part is too small or the oil fine filter is blocked:from the smooth oil circuit, the movement resistance of the smooth oil circulation circuit is equal to the sum of the reciprocal of the oil movement resistance of the parallel branch circuit. The camshaft journals, connecting rod journals, crankshaft journals, rocker shafts, etc. of the pressure-smooth parts are assumed to be too small for cooperation, the filter element of the fine filter is too dirty to block the oil circuit, and the pressure limiting valve is adjusted If the pressure is too high, it will increase the movement resistance of the smooth oil circuit and increase the pressure.


Improper adjustment of the pressure limiting valve:The pressure limiting valve is tied to the oil pressure by balancing the spring and the ball valve (or cone valve) so that the oil pressure does not exceed the rule value of the skill file. When the oil pressure exceeds the regular value, defeat the elastic force of the tension spring and push the valve open to release the pressure into the system. When the oil pressure is lower than the elastic force of the tension spring, the valve is closed under the action of the tension spring, thereby binding the pressure within the regulated range. From this point of view, the oil pressure of the smooth system depends on the elasticity of the tension spring. If the elasticity of the adjusted tension spring is too large, the oil pressure in the system will be too high.


Diagnosis and cleaning:

Assuming that it is a newly put into operation or an engine after warranty, the oil pressure is significantly too high, indicating that the joint space between the journal and the bearing (tile) of the smooth pressure part is too small, or the pressure limiting valve adjustment pressure is too high , carefully check the vacancy of the journal and the bearing at the pressure-smooth part. If the space is too small, it should be adjusted or scraped to prevent the cooperating partner from burning out due to the space being too small. It is assumed that the oil pressure of the diesel engine that has been used for a long time is too high, indicating that the oil filter is blocked and should be cleaned. Assuming that the engine oil pressure is too high when the diesel engine is at low temperature, when the engine temperature rises, the engine oil pressure is normal, indicating that the reason for the high oil pressure is caused by the low temperature of the diesel engine.

Assuming that the oil pressure is significantly too high after replacing the oil, it clarifies that the oil brand is not properly selected. For example, if the oil with higher viscosity is used in winter, it will cause the oil pressure to be too high, and the oil should be replaced with seasonal oil. The higher the oil brand (the larger the number), the lower the viscosity, and the higher the oil viscosity. For general ambient temperature, HC-14 engine oil can be used first. HC-11 and HC-8 engine oils with low freezing point can be used in cold northern regions.

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