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Structure Principle of Compressed Air Bottle of Volvo Diesel Generator

Feb. 17, 2023

Today, we will briefly introduce the structure and principle of compressed air cylinder of Volvo diesel generator.

For small and medium-sized generators, due to their small starting resistance, they can be started successfully by manual or electric starting methods. However, for large power Volvo diesel generators, due to the large starting resistance, it is difficult to start if the engine is used. Therefore, large Volvo diesel generators with cylinder diameter D ≥ 150 mm are usually started by compressed air.

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There are many valves in the compressed air cylinder of Volvo diesel generator. The large valve in the center is the engine valve. Open this valve, and the high-pressure air can be sent out from the right outlet. Open the decontamination valve. Dirt such as sewage and engine oil can be removed through the decontamination pipe. Open the charging valve and fresh compressed air can be flushed into the compressed air bottle through this valve.

The function of the safety valve on the air cylinder is to prevent danger when the inflation pressure in the air cylinder is too high. The safety valve tightly presses the ball valve on the valve seat through the spring seat. After the pressure valve is adjusted to 2940kPa (30kgf/cm2), it is sealed with lead, and personnel are not allowed to disassemble and collect. When the pressure in the cylinder exceeds 2940kPa, the safety valve will open automatically, and the air will be flushed out of the compressed air cylinder, so the pressure in the cylinder can be reduced to avoid explosion accidents.

The function of the air distributor is to distribute the compressed air to the corresponding cylinder engine valve in a timely manner according to the operation of Volvo diesel generator. There are six outlet pipes on the outer circle of the diesel engine air distributor body, which are respectively connected with the engine air pipes of the six cylinders. The rotary shaft 5 is supported on the copper sleeve 8 in the center of the distribution body. Its front end is equipped with a distribution plate 4, and its rear end is driven by the camshaft through the cross joint 10. There is a long round hole on the end face of the distribution plate. When starting, the compressed air is connected to the distributor through the intake pipe from the intake pipe. Under the action of air pressure, the distribution plate is close to the distribution body. The distribution plate rolls under the drive of the camshaft, so that the oblong hole is connected with the six air outlet pipes in turn, and the compressed air is sent to the cylinder engine valve on time according to the operation order.

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