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Structure of The Fuel Tank at The Bottom of Silent Generator Set

Aug. 12, 2023

In recent years, the phenomenon that mute generator set manufacturers configure fuel tanks for diesel generator sets in the production process has been increasing. Most of them are a sales strategy of mute generator set manufacturers. Giving away one fuel tank not only reflects preferential treatment for users, but actually facilitates users to store fuel when using the unit.

weichai Yuchai silent power generator set

The manufacturer of silent generator set generally configures fuel tank for the unit in two structures: one is to configure a fuel tank with separate volume, and the other is a fuel tank that is integrated with the bottom of the unit. So, which of the two types of fuel tanks is better? Here, the manufacturer of the mute generator set will talk with you about the following topics:

Due to the user's use requirements, the bases of silent generator set manufacturers in the production process are generally divided into two types: those with oil tank and those without oil tank. Generally, the silent generator set, fire standby power supply, mobile generator set and rain proof generator set use oil tank in the majority.

Advantages of the structure with fuel tank at the bottom:

The bottom of the mute generator set is equipped with fuel tank, which is compact in appearance and beautiful in appearance. Because they are all on the shelf, it is convenient to lift. Disadvantages of the structure with fuel tank at the bottom:

The disadvantage is that if the mute generator set is used for a long time, some impurities will be deposited in the diesel oil tank, causing the oil circuit to be not smooth, which will lead to difficulty in starting the mute generator set, unstable speed after starting, and serious trouble free shutdown.

Is there a way to solve this problem? The answer is yes. The oil tank at the base needs to be padded or equipped with a drain pipe, or the diesel must be poured into the oil tank after more than 10 hours of sedimentation. But without base

The mute generator set with oil tank is relatively standard. Usually, a small mute generator set with a separate oil tank usually uses an oil barrel, which will be inconvenient in the process of handling. The cleaning problem does not need to be considered, because the returned oil only needs to be static for a period of time before it can be directly transported for use. Therefore, the mute generator set with or without base oil tank has its own advantages and disadvantages. The manufacturer of the mute generator set suggests that the user should choose according to the actual use.

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