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Structure Of Four-Stroke Turbocharged Diesel Generator

Jul. 26, 2021

According to the different roles played by the various parts of the diesel generator, a whole four-stroke turbocharged diesel generator is divided into the following parts.


1.Valve mechanism

The combustion of fuel in diesel generators requires air, and the conversion of thermal energy to mechanical energy requires the expansion of gas. Therefore, sufficient air must be supplied to the cylinder of the diesel generator regularly, and the valve mechanism is to supply sufficient fresh air to the cylinder regularly according to the needs of the working process of the diesel generator, and burn the used gas and fuel. The latter exhaust gas is discharged from the cylinder.


2.Crank connecting rod mechanism.

The crank connecting rod mechanism is a mechanism that realizes the conversion of heat energy into mechanical energy. The combustion chamber is filled with a mixture of fuel and air. After the fuel is burned in the combustion chamber, a large amount of heat energy is generated. The heat energy expands the gas in the cylinder, thereby increasing the pressure in the cylinder. The gas pressure acts on the piston to push the piston back and forth in a straight line. Movement, the crankshaft is rotated through the connecting rod, thereby realizing the conversion of thermal energy to mechanical energy.


diesel generator set

3.Cooling system.

When the diesel generator is working, the heat generated by the fuel combustion and the friction of the moving parts will increase the temperature of the diesel generator and affect the normal operation of the diesel generator. The function of the cooling system is to cool the diesel generator with water and air so that the diesel generator is within the normal operating temperature range.


4.Lubrication system

Each moving surface of the diesel generator needs to be lubricated to reduce friction. The function of the lubrication system is to deliver the lubricating oil to the friction surfaces of the moving parts when the diesel generator is working and before it works to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the diesel generator.


5. Fuel supply system

The role of the diesel generator's fuel supply system is to supply diesel with a certain pressure to the cylinder at a fixed time, quantitative, and pressure according to the needs of the diesel generator's working process.


6. Body parts.

The fuselage component is the skeleton of the diesel engine, which is used to support and install the components of various mechanisms and systems.


7.Supercharging system.

At present, many diesel generators use exhaust gas turbocharging technology to greatly increase power and reduce fuel consumption. The device that achieves pressurization is called a pressurization system.


8. Start the system.

The transfer of diesel generators from static to working state by external force is called the start-up process, and the system devices required to complete the start-up process are called start-up systems.


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