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Structure of Crankshaft Flywheel of Cummins Diesel Generator Set

Dec. 21, 2022

The rear end of KTTA diesel engine crankshaft used by Cummins diesel generator set is equipped with crankshaft gear. After eating on the crankshaft, there are two forms: narrow and wide. When the diesel engine does not need to install the lower assembly of the rear gear drive, the gear is only installed in the factory. This narrow gear only drives the oil pump. Narrow gears are not available in service.

Dongfeng Cummins generator

When the diesel engine needs to install the rear gear transmission assembly, a wide gear shall be installed; When the rear gear transmission assembly is not installed in the diesel engine, the wide gear can also be installed. The crankshaft for maintenance is only equipped with wide gear.

The crankshaft on the diesel engine of Cummins diesel generator set is equipped with locating pins or reel pins at the front axle end, rear axle end and rear axle end, which can correctly align the shock absorber, crankshaft connecting flange and flywheel.

All crankshaft oil seals of Cummins diesel generator set diesel engine are teflon (polyfluoroethylene) covered lip type (scroll type). This teflon covers the lip type oil seal. There is no spring on the back of the oil seal lip. The lip of the oil seal is a thin and hard teflon. It is the crankshaft rear oil seal. There are two types of wet flywheel housing oil seal and dry flywheel housing oil seal. The wet flywheel housing oil seal has a double lip sealing element. The dry flywheel housing oil seal has a sealing element and a dust lip, which can be used in harsh transportation environments, such as dusty construction sites.

Crankshaft front oil seal. The two oil lips must not contact the step and the oil seal mounting sleeve. The oil seal must be flush with the chamfer of the gear chamber hole or not less than 0.51mm.

The Teflon oil seal must be dry before assembly. Do not lubricate the oil seal lip and shaft stiffness with grease or oil. Keep the oil seal and crankshaft clean and dry, or oil leakage will occur. After the shaft starts to rotate, the oil seal lip of the oil seal with Teflon drop will apply a layer of Teflon film to the shaft stiffener, and the oil seal will leak.

The rear flange of the crankshaft of Cummins diesel generator set is equipped with a flywheel. The crankshaft is axially positioned at the rear end of the crankshaft, that is, four semicircular thrust rings are embedded at the top and bottom in front of and behind the seventh main bearing to limit the axial movement of the crankshaft. When assembling, the upper groove of the thrust bearing must point to the flange side on the crankshaft.

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