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Structure Characteristics of Domestic Diesel Generator Set

Aug. 15, 2023

Now, the production technology and service performance of domestic diesel generator sets have entered a mature stage, and their performance is stable and reliable, which can fully meet all power demand. And its biggest advantage is that compared with the imported diesel generator, the price is relatively low and the operating cost is low. What is the structure and operation principle of domestic diesel generator?

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1. Analysis of the structural characteristics of domestic diesel generator sets

An ordinary diesel generator set is mainly composed of three parts: the diesel engine, the generator and the control system. The diesel engine and the generator have two connection modes, one is flexible connection, that is, use a coupling to connect the two parts, and the other is rigid connection, which uses high-strength bolts to connect the generator's rigid connecting plate with the diesel engine flywheel disk. There are more rigid connections used for diesel generator sets in the market, After the diesel engine and generator are connected, they are installed on the common underframe, and then equipped with various sensors for protection, such as water temperature sensors. Through these sensors, the operating status of the diesel engine can be visually displayed to the operator. With these sensors, an upper limit can be set. When the limit value is reached or exceeded, the control system will give an alarm in advance. If the operator does not take measures at this time, The control system will automatically shut down the unit, which is the way the diesel generator sets protect themselves. The sensor plays the role of receiving and feeding back various information. It is the control system of the diesel generator set that really displays these data and performs the protection function. The control panel is generally installed on the generator, called the backpack type control panel, and some of them are independent panels placed in the operation room, called the split type control panel. The control panel is connected with the generator and the sensor through cables to display electrical parameters and diesel engine operating parameters respectively. In addition, the generator set has chassis, coupling, radiator fuel tank, and some are equipped with muffler and cover.

2. Operating principle of domestic diesel generator set

After the diesel generator set has been running for a period of time, it should be checked regularly. The long running unit should be checked every 6-8 hours. The standby unit should be checked again after shutdown. The parts to be checked can be the following: lubricating oil sludge, air filter blockage indicator, coolant level, radiator and external ventilation, engine drive belt set, fuel oil supply, etc. After every 50 hours of operation of the generator set, drain the water in the oil-water separator and check the electrolytic liquid level of the starting battery: after 200-300 hours of operation of the new unit, check the air gap and check the fuel injector; after every 400 hours of operation of the generator set, check and adjust the drive belt, replace it if necessary, check and clean the radiator chips and drain the sludge in the fuel tank; Replace the lubricating oil and lubricating oil filter every 600 hours of operation or at least every 12 months; The frequency of lubricating oil replacement cycle of the unit varies according to the quality of different lubricating oil, the sulfur content of fuel and the lubricating oil consumed by the generator unit. Every 800 hours of operation, the oil-water separator and fuel filter shall be replaced, the turbocharger shall be checked for leakage, the intake pipe shall be checked for leakage, and the fuel pipe shall be checked and cleaned; After every 1200 hours of operation, adjust the valve clearance: after every 2000 hours of operation, replace the air filter and coolant, thoroughly clean the radiator chip and water channel of the water tank, check the fuel injector, thoroughly check and clean the turbocharger, and comprehensively check the engine equipment.

The above contents are the structure analysis and operation mode of domestic diesel generator set. Its maintenance is also very easy to carry out, because the transportation distance is short and after-sales maintenance is more convenient. At present, domestic diesel generators are also favored by Chinese people, and have been widely used in mines, railways, enterprises, factories, hospitals and other industries.

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